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A Good Roof Will Reduce Energy Use

Reduce Energy Use By Improving Insulation Value

Most building owners recognize that their roof is the first line of defense of their building against rain, sleet, and snow, but they don’t realize one other major component: keeping the interior of the building the correct temperature. They understand that certain roofs are better insulators than others, but not that some systems can keep their building the exact temperature they want and save them serious money on energy.

The Right System Will Reduce Energy Use Significantly

Our roof system, sprayed polyurethane foam, can reduce energy use within a building by up to 30%, which means you save money every month on your energy bill. It also means that your building stays the correct temperature and everyone inside stays comfortable, which studies have shown helps them to work harder.

Sure, all roofs reduce energy use at least a little bit when compared to an open air building thanks to their insulation, and most building owners realize this. After all, they put insulation in the ceilings in their homes, it’s not like they’ve never heard of insulation. But what many building owners don’t realize, is the exact level of savings they can achieve by choosing one roof over the other; they don’t realize how much one system can outperform another.

Keeping Your Roof Insulating Well

One way you can make sure that any roofing system you install insulates your building well and reduces energy use, is by keeping the insulation within the roof dry and from separating. This means inspecting your roof to fix leaks before they come serious, and might mean replacing insulation after a major leak. Getting the wet insulation out of there can help it to perform better. It also means that if you have to move insulation around for some reason, you replace it to make sure it still has a consistent, complete layer of insulation.


The roof you choose for your building can have a major impact on your energy savings and the amount of energy you use. It can also keep your building at the desired temperature, which has been proven to increase productivity in of the workforce inside. No matter which roof you choose, it’s also important to properly maintain the insulation inside the roof layers to make sure it is insulating as it should.

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