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Why Your Roof Matters


It seems like a no-brainer that you should take care of the roof on your building and avoid neglecting it at all costs, because your roof matters a lot to your building. And yet, many building owners still make the mistake of assuming their roof will be fine if they ignore it and then pay the price later. If just telling you that taking care of your roof matters isn’t convincing enough, let’s look at some actual reasons as to why you should take great care of your roof.

It Keeps Your Building Up and Running

There are many parts of your building that help it run, yet perhaps none are as crucial as your roof; your roof matters the most when it comes to keeping the building safe, dry, and warm. If your roof leaks, blows off, sags, or fails in any number of other ways, your building could be shut down. It’s dangerous to work in a building with a bad roof, and even if the situation is contained, it can still be uncomfortable for the building occupants.

Don’t let a bad roof shut down your building; maintain your roof and keep things running smoothly on the inside.

your roof matters
A good layer of insulation is crucial to keep your building operating properly

It Keeps Your Building the Right Temperature

The roof on your building is insulated, meaning it regulates the temperature on the inside of your building. In the summer, you want to keep the cold in and the hot out; the insulation in your roof helps with that. In the winter, you want to keep the cold out and the hot in; the insulation in your roof also helps with that.

By keeping your roof in good shape, i.e. keeping the insulation dry, protected, and at a proper thickness, you can save money on your energy costs as your building remains the temperature you want without expending more energy.

It’s Expensive to Repair or Replace

As a strictly preventative measure, making minor repairs on your roof when they arise will keep you from having to make major repairs or replace it in the future. Extending the life of your roof matters because it is perhaps the best way to save money on your roof: by avoiding replacement, you save a ton of time, money, and headache. By performing periodic inspections and making repairs, you can extend the life of your roof.

Your Roof Matters When Selling the Building

When it comes time to sell your building, your roof matters. The prospective buyer will no doubt inspect the building, which will probably include getting up on the roof and checking things out. If you’ve been neglecting your roof for the past 12 years and it’s in terrible shape, this will be a major turnoff for the buyer. They may even cut the deal off based on the condition of the roof. If they go through with the deal, you can be sure they will negotiate the price down significantly with the price in mind.

Again, taking care of your roof as you go along will minimize the amount you spend on repairs (because you’ll catch the problems early), and will also extend the life of your roof.


If you want the operations inside your building to continue uninterrupted, or if you like a comfortable work environment, or if you like to save money on your energy bills, or if you have plans to sell your building at some point in the future, you need to take care of your roof. Keeping up with smaller repairs as time goes on will save you money on major repairs, roof replacement, and may increase the selling price of your building when it comes time to sell.

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