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A Good Roof Keeps Your Building Up and Running


As with most things in life, the roof on a building is usually ignored when it’s performing properly and is hated when it fails or starts to fail. When the roof is doing it’s job (which is to protect your building) and keeping everyone dry and protected from the elements, it’s out of sight out of mind. Because the roof is so commonly ignored when it’s working, it eventually begins to stop working because it isn’t being taken care of. Don’t let this happen to your roof! The roof is perhaps the most important part of your building; if it stops performing properly or becomes damaged, it can no longer protect your building and your whole operation is thrown into chaos. More than anything else that is part of the building, the roof has to be up and running properly to keep everything else running.

protect your building
A good roof is essential to protect your building.

The Chicken or The Egg?

We’ve all heard of the question of the chicken or the egg; which came first? Well, similar questions with similar results can be asked of your building. Which is most important: the foundation or the roof? The walls or the roof? The plumbing or the roof? Each individual aspect of your building is obviously very important, but which is most important? We tend to think it’s the roof. The building’s foundation is crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked, but a building on a great foundation with a terrible roof is still unusable, because while it will be stable, there’s nothing up above to protect the building. A building with working plumbing but a bad roof is still unusable. The roof keeps everything – and everyone – inside a building safe and capable of performing properly.


The roof isn’t the only part of the building, but if it becomes damaged it will quickly become the only part of the building you care about. Unfortunately, most building owners ignore the roof when it is working properly, and allow it to deteriorate into a state where it isn’t working properly and becomes a major concern.

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