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Will Your Building Withstand the Storm?


Many building owners have woken up to the terrible situation of not having a roof on their building. This usually occurs after a very large storm with high winds comes through the area, wreaking havoc on everything in its path. Most buildings are not exempt from the rage of the storm, and their roofs often fly off and have to be replaced. The contents of the building are damaged or destroyed from the water that enters the building, which only adds to the cost and frustration.

A More Secure Roof

Enter Sprayed Polyurethane Foam, the roofing system with the best adhesion properties available. For starters, spray foam has no fasteners, it is adhered everywhere it touches to the rooftop, which is everywhere. Spray foam is sprayed directly to the roof and rapidly expands once it is applied. The lack of fasteners means there aren’t weak points that can fail in a storm, every bit of the roof is attached so every inch helps to secure the roof.
can you roof weather the storm?
The roof was blown clear off the Superdome. It’s a true shame foam wasn’t in place.

No Weak Points

Traditional roofing systems also have seams on the roof that offer vulnerabilities to the storm. The seams provide a chance for the wind to get underneath the roofing material and lift each section up from the other. This separation can expose the rest of the roof to the damaging effects of the wind and can lead to the entire roof being blown off.
Spray foam is a completely monolithic system that has no seams, and therefore no weak points for the wind to “grab onto” and pull the individual panels off the roof. This smooth surface allows the wind to blow right across the top of the roof rather than getting underneath any portion of the roof.


Spray foam is fully adhered and monolithic, allowing it to operate with no fasteners and no seams. This gives it amazing wind resistance and strength, making it a very desirable roofing system.

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