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Why You Need a Spray Foam Roof


There are many benefits provided by a spray foam roof when it is applied to your commercial building; too many benefits to cover them all here. Of all the benefits you will recognize after installing an SPF roof, which is the most important? The three following categories of benefits are important to different building owners at different times. Can you relate to any of these benefits?

wind uplift resistance
Spray Foam fully adheres to even abnormal roof surfaces.

Wind Uplift Resistance

Spray foam is a fully adhered system. Because it is spray applied, it molds perfectly to whichever surface it is applied overtop of. Couple this custom fit with its excellent adhesion properties and you have a roof system that holds very tight to the building. This means when the wind blows, your foam roof stays put.

Even in hurricane force winds, spray foam remains adhered to your building with no problem. There have been cases where foam roofs hold steady in a tornado despite all the buildings around it being torn apart. It is an incredible strong and well-adhered system.

If you are in a high wind area, you need to get a system with high wind uplift resistance and sprayed polyurethane defines wind uplift resistance in the industry.


If you’re looking for a roofing material that will improve the insulation properties of your building, foam is the solution to that problem as well. SPF provides the highest R-value of any roofing material on the market, and once installed it saves building owners thousands every year in energy costs.


If you have a plant, factory, warehouse, or other building that you can’t afford to shut down while your new roof is installed, look to SPF to ease your pain. It is a retrofit system, which means it can be installed directly over top of your existing roof without ever exposing the interior of your building.

By installing a retrofit roof instead of an entirely new system, you keep your operations up and running through the entire installation process. This saves you money and allows you to keep performing your work.


There are many different reasons someone might install a spray foam roof on their building, and the three above are three of the most common reasons why. Do you have other reasons why you love foam? Let us know in the comments!

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