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Why You Need a Spray Foam Roof – Wind Uplift Resistance


Fight back against the destructive powers of wind by installing a fully-adhered, seamless, fastener-free spray foam roofing system with the best wind uplift resistance available. Every roofing system is susceptible to wind uplift and can be damaged by high winds, but some have better wind uplift resistance ratings than others. Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is the best roofing material in terms of wind uplift resistance. Foam can hold steady in a tornado when all the surrounding buildings are destroyed. So what makes foam so great at resisting wind uplift and remaining intact?

Fully Adhered System Reduces Wind Uplift

Because foam is spray applied directly to the roofing surface, it doesn’t have interspersed fasteners holding it to the roof deck, it is one giant piece of roof that is completely attached to the roof deck, which makes it less susceptible to wind uplift. It has one anchor point: the entire roofing system. It adheres everywhere it touches the roof deck, which is the entire surface of the roof deck. These means there are no weak points that can compromise the roof; the entire roof works together to remain adhered and resist wind uplift which can cause so many problems.

wind uplift resistance of spray foam
Each unique feature of the roof adds wind uplift resistance.

Custom Fit

Again, because it is spray applied, the foam is a perfect fit for the roof and for any protrusions or special features on the surface. This means that each ledge, each wall, each piece of pipe, only adds rigidity to the system and increases wind uplift resistance. Non-custom roofing systems that are made in a factory are weakened by these protrusions, but foam is strengthened by them.


The weak points on most roofing systems in a windstorm come from seams, where wind can get under a seam and penetrate the system. This causes one panel or section to pull off which completely compromises the system. With foam, there are no seams to penetrate, and therefore this point of weakness is eliminated from the system.


SPF has the best wind uplift resistance properties of any system available for your building. If you are in an area where high winds are a threat to your building, it would be wise for you to investigate spray foam and to consider installing a spray foam roof on your building. Fear of wind damage is one of the most common reasons for a building owner to install a foam roof, will you be the next to utilize the wind uplift resistance of foam?

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