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Why You Need a Spray Foam Roof – Insulation


If you are like thousands of other building owners who feel they pay too much in energy costs for their building and are looking for a solution, look no further, we have your solution. Many times, one of the largest monthly expenses for a building owner is heating and cooling. This is because you’ve got a huge factory or warehouse with poor insulation and a thin roof. It’s a giant space that takes a lot of energy to heat or cool, and then you lose your hot or cold through the roof. Stop wasting energy!

SPF Provides Superior Insulation

R-value describes the insulation power of a material. It can be any material, but in our case it is your roof. If your current roof is a poor insulator, with seams and anchors that make it an even worse insulator, the low R-value of your roof is costing you money every month. Stop throwing money away paying to heat your building and then watch the heat sneak out through the roof. Invest in an SPF roof that provides superior insulation on its surface, has no anchors that allow heat loss, and has no seams that allow heat loss.

Foam and silicone reflectivity and insulation
Once foam is coated with silicone, it is highly reflective which saves you money.

Reflectivity Helps Building Temperature

On top of being a great insulator and keeping your heat in, SPF is coated with silicone which makes it reflective. This means that when the sun is beating down on your building in the summer, your roof isn’t absorbing all that heat but is reflecting it back into the atmosphere. Whether you want to keep your building cool in the summer or hot in the winter, SPF can help you do it more efficiently and more affordably.


Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roofing is the best insulating roofing material available, and it helps keep your building the proper temperature year-round through a “double-threat” insulation and reflection system. If you’d like to learn more about how foam can help you and your building, give us a call.

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