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Why Bi-Annual Inspections Tend to Get Overlooked


Perform bi-annual inspections, and make the necessary repairs to your roofing system, and it will last longer. Yet, even with a promise of years added to their roofing system, many building owners and facility managers still choose to neglect their roof. Why are these people making a decision that seems so contrary to their best interests? It will only save them future headaches and money to take care of their roof now, so why don’t they?

Why Do so Many Roofing Systems Get Neglected?

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You would be wise to avoid this situation whenever possible.

Taking the Roof for Granted

The biggest reason for roofing systems being neglected is that they are taken for granted by building owners, managers, and occupants. If the roof is over their head, most people assume that it is in fine working condition, if they ever give it a thought at all. More often than not, people don’t give their roof a second thought. It simply isn’t a concern for most people because it is usually working. Because the roof rarely leaks and rarely causes any issues, bi-annual inspections are skipped, repairs aren’t properly made but patches used instead, and the roof system gradually deteriorates over time until it becomes unsalvageable.

Repairs are Expensive

A second reason roofs are commonly neglected is that many repairs and replacements can be extremely expensive. Not just anyone can work on a roof, and so the cost for repairs often skyrockets as the supply of quality roofers is relatively low. The materials are very expensive in most cases because again, they are specialized for one task and supply is relatively low. Because the materials and labor are so expensive, obviously the roofing project is expensive.

There are very few companies out there that want to waste money, and while roof repairs aren’t a waste of money, they are often perceived to be. If the roof can last a couple more years, why not wait it out? Well, the reason you shouldn’t wait it out is that you may save some money now, but in two years you will spend 5x the amount of money you saved because you now need to completely replace your roof. Saving money is a common reason for ignoring roof issues, but when analyzed in the long term, you won’t save any money by neglecting your roof.

Avoiding the Hassle

The third most common reason roofs get neglected is that inspecting them, repairing them, and monitoring them is a hassle. There’s no way around it, it is a lot of work to properly maintain your roofing system. We recommend bi-annual inspections at a minimum, and if your roof is large enough, the inspection process can take several days or even weeks to properly complete. Once you finish your inspection, you then have to figure out what repairs need to be made and when to do them. This costs money, takes time, causes stress, and can even shut down your operations depending on the type and severity of the repairs. Even with all of these costs, we still firmly believe that proper maintenance will save time, money, stress, and headaches in the long run.


There are many reasons a building owner may neglect their roofing system, and they are oftentimes rational decisions that make perfect sense. However, most building owners or facility managers are only considering the short-term costs and benefits of roof maintenance, not the long-term effects. When examined in the long-term, most building owners will choose to get bi-annual inspection and make their repairs rather than put them off.

If you are unsure about whether or not you need to make repairs, how often and how you should inspect your roof, or have any other questions for us, please get in touch and let us know. We’d love to answer your questions.

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