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Save Money with Spray Foam Roofing


save money with less tearout
Removing an AC Unit or other roof fixture takes time.

Replacing your roof is a very expensive decision and process no matter which material you use. You have to remove any features on top of your roof (AC units, solar panels, etc.), remove the old roof, make any repairs to the roof structure, and then install the new roof. Each of these steps takes time and money, and they all add up to become a huge expense on your bottom line. However, not all roofing systems cost the same with regards to each step in the installation process. Some materials can save money during installation, and  some save money during the life of the material, other materials – most notably, spray foam, save money during both the installation and the life of the roof.

Tear Out – Often the Most Expensive Part of the Process

When installing a new roofing system, the tear-out is often the most expensive and most time consuming part of the process. When you consider that the entire roof has to be torn out, transported to the edge of the roof, lowered down, and then tack on the dumpster fees, you start to realize how expensive roof tear out can be. But what if there was a way to avoid the roof tear out altogether, wouldn’t that be nice? As you may have guessed, there is a way that will help you avoid tear out and save money.

Save money with Spray Foam Roofing
This crew is applying spray foam directly to the metal roof deck.

Spray Foam Requires No Tear Out

Spray foam can oftentimes be installed directly to your existing roof. Metal roofs are a prime candidate for having foam applied directly to them without the need for tear off. This saves you a ton of money, as well as time and headache from managing the process. With foam, you are no longer required to tear off the old foam system and then re install a new roof after making additional changes. While foam may still require tear off occasionally it can many times be installed with no tear off. This allows you to save money on your roofing project.

Spray Foam Helps You Save Money in Other Ways

Spray foam has become a major tool in the fight against asbestos and other dangerous chemicals workers encounter, as it can completely encapsulate the harmful material without disturbing it. Asbestos is nothing to mess with, and because it is so dangerous, the removal process is extremely slow. Again, this drives up the time and cost requirements of your roofing projects. Foam, however, can simply be spray-applied over top of the asbestos and the problem is eliminated.

Foam also adds strength to your roofing system, so a roof that needed to be repaired may be strong enough with the addition of foam to continue in safe operation. You should of course consult a professional prior to determining whether or not your roof is strong enough to remain in use.

Finally, foam saves you money through increased insulation. Once you install foam, you can expect your energy bills to drop significantly as the climate-controlled air inside your building will now stay inside better, and the air outside stays outside better. Foam is an excellent insulator that will help you reduce your spending on electricity and your energy consumption.


One of the largest expenses of any roof replacement project is the roof tear out. Spray foam can eliminate this expense, as well as eliminate other expenses during installation and during the life of the foam. If you’d like to capitalize on some of these benefits of spray foam, give us a call today.

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