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Versatility of Spray Foam


No two buildings are the same, so no two roofs are the same. Why would you want a roof that’s manufactured in a factory and every piece is identical? If your building is unique, with unique problems, features and issues, why get a roof that’s one size fits all? You shouldn’t. You should get a roof and roofing system that can adjust to the specific situation your building is in, and that will perform as expected no matter what your building looks like. That’s why the versatility of spray foam is such a huge benefit. It can conform to your building to provide the best possible coverage.

versatility of spray foam
Spray foam does an excellent job conforming to its surroundings to develop a completely covered roof.

Versatility of Spray Foam: It Fits Anywhere

Spray Foam is spray-applied directly to the roof surface, and can be applied directly to many different roof surfaces. It can conform to almost any roof shape and any roof feature, giving it an excellent fit and providing excellent waterproofing. Because foam can go into all the crevices, cracks and seams on your roof, you know that you will have a tight seal. Spray it up the side of curbs, underneath vents, just about anywhere you can point the nozzle, you can spray foam.

Spray Foam Covers Anything

If you have features on your roof that would be difficult for a metal roof or a single-ply roof to cover, foam may be your answer. It can flash up any penetration, and can adhere to many different materials. Not only are flashings not a problem, but different substrates aren’t a problem either. Spray foam can adhere to almost any roofing material you can find, often without much prep work.

Spray Foam Holds Tight

Once installed, spray foam is extremely versatile with regards to the weather. If a strong wind blows by the building, spray foam will hold tight because it is 100% adhered to the roof and has no seams. If it rains for three weeks straight, your roof won’t leak because there are no seams or fasteners to create weak points. If hail comes down, the coating on top of the foam will keep it watertight. If anything should happen to the foam (in a hail storm, for instance), simply cut out the wet area and fill in with a tube of caulk. Good as new!


Spray foam is an extremely versatile product, both in its installation and adherence abilities and in its weather resistance abilities. If you have a unique building (who doesn’t?) give us a call or use the map to the right to contact your salesman.

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