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Spray Foam Envelope System


While our spray foam expertise is exclusively tied to commercial spray foam roofing, spray foam can solve many more problems for building owners than just roofing. We have chosen to focus on the very top of the building, but foam can go all over.

Exterior Roof

This is the portion of the roofing industry that we focus on. The foam is applied directly to the roof of the building and creates a newer, stronger, overall better roofing system than was there before. The benefits of spray foam roofing are numerous, and we have covered them elsewhere. This is what we have done for the past forty years and we pride ourselves on the number of roofs we have installed.

Exterior Walls

Foam isn’t limited to flat surfaces. It can also be applied directly to the exterior walls of a building prior to the wall covering being applied. This helps insulate the building and retain hot (or cold) air. It also helps to keep fast-moving winds from entering the building envelope and destroying the building, and serves as an extremely effective water barrier.

Foam can be applied to almost any wall surface, just as it can be applied to almost any roofing surface. While we don’t do exterior walls, this shows the versatility of the product and further enforces its reputation as a premier roofing material.

Interior Walls

One of greatest benefits of applying SPF to an interior wall is that of noise reduction. A building owner can effectively isolate conference rooms, human resource departments, or executive suites from the noise of other rooms by installing SPF on the interior walls.

Interior Flooring

This is most common in hotels where noise reduction from one floor to the next is crucial. This eliminates most would-be noise from traveling across floors, and also helps to eliminate airflow and keep temperatures more constant.

Interior Ceiling

Spraying foam in the ceiling of a room or building greatly improves the insulation properties of the area. This has been a residential application for years, helping to keep homes hot or cold, depending on the season. Once foam is installed, heat loss is almost completely eliminated, which saves a ton of money on energy.


While we only work with commercial spray foam roofing, a product that is useful to know the versatility and benefits of a product, even if not all of the benefits apply to you. If you have any questions about anything discussed here or if you’d like to speak with a salesman about what foam can do for you, give us a call.

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