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Saving a Life

IRC Employees Save a Life While at Lunch

Around noon on Sept 21, 2018, Superintendent Richard Foster & Foreman Corey Walters stopped at a local gas station for some lunch. As they were leaving, Richard Foster looked in the rearview mirror and saw someone laying outside a car door with their feet still inside. He instantly knew something wasn’t right.

He immediately put the car in park and told Corey to “come on.” Richard got to the car and found an unconscious mid-aged woman laying there with her face so purple it was almost black. Richard started to pull her out of the car and get her in a safe position. Corey arrived in time to help him move her and immediately checked for a pulse. They couldn’t find one. Richard got into position to start chest compressions. Corey attempt to open her airway but her jaw was clinched so hard he couldn’t get it open. But Richard continued with compressions only.

When the victim’s daughter arrived, Corey instructed her to do the rescue breathing. Her jaw had loosed some with the compressions and on the second attempt the daughter was able to get 2 breaths in. With all the commotion, the daughter was able to call 911 but was so panicked she was confused of the location to tell them. Corey had to, while Richard continued doing compressions.

Louisville EMS arrived on scene within 10 minutes of the call. They immediately took over care, assessed the woman was suffering from an overdose and administered Narcan while continuing CPR. As the medication took hold the woman began to revive. Richard & Corey were relieved but anxious about it. As EMS had taken over, they left the Gas station and their patient.

Speaking with EMS a few days later, they affirmed had Richard & Corey NOT gone out of their way to help this woman and applied the skills they had learned, this woman would be dead.

Richard said after the event, ‘I’ve probably taken that class 20 times in my life and never once thought I’d use it.’ Corey said, ‘It sure puts a meaning into what we’re taught. Its easy to sit back and ignore it when you’re in those classes but made it real.’

Congratulations and special thanks to Richard Foster & Corey Walters for going above & beyond during your lunch break.

 Corey Walters

Richard Foster 

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