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Preventative Maintenance: Spend Money to Save Money


Any building that relies on equipment to run (which is almost every building) should have a preventative maintenance plan in place. A preventative maintenance plan keeps your building running, keeps your machines producing inventory, keeps your forklifts loading and unloading trucks, etc. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping things running smoothly without any hiccups due to unexpected breakdowns. Let’s look at how preventative maintenance can save you time and money in your operations.

Preventative maintenance
Maintenance in and around your building can prevent issues like this from getting too severe.

Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

By developing and implementing an effective preventative maintenance plan, you can reduce or eliminate the number of unexpected breakdowns faced in your operation. If you’re a manufacturing plant, this means you can keep producing products and making money. If you’re a warehousing facility, it means you can continue to control the climate throughout the winter because your HVAC unit is still running.
Unexpected breakdowns are harder to fix than repairs made through preventative maintenance because well, they’re unexpected. Your maintenance crew might be out of the building that day. You might not have the proper tools or parts. You have to diagnose the problem. All this time occurs while the machine is not running, meaning your losing inventory, losing money, losing heat, or whatever it is that piece of equipment provides. When you find an issue through a preventative maintenance inspection, you can plan your repair. You can pick up your new parts in advance, have the tools ready, and re-schedule production using other machines.

Prevent Major Repairs Later

As you perform preventative maintenance and keep things in good shape in your facility, you can prevent major repairs or replacements down the road. Incremental repairs (like oil changes in your car) help everything run more smoothly and last longer. Not performing preventative maintenance may free up resources now, but you will end up spending more money repairing or replacing equipment in a couple years than you would have just to keep everything in good shape.


Keeping your facility’s equipment up and running is crucial to the bottom line in your company. Spending money now on preventative maintenance will keep your profit centers operating, and ensure you don’t overspend replacing equipment down the road.

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