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Prevent Future Roof Leaks


As a facility manager or building owner, there are few things more frustrating, that cause more headaches, than roof leaks. Roof leaks are a very common problem, and they are also time consuming, frustrating, difficult, and expensive to fix. Each of these factors combined make roof leaks one of the worst parts of having a roof on your building.

Why Leaks Are So Frustrating

When you get a roof leak, it’s never the end of the world. But what it means is you have water dripping into your building. Out in a warehouse or production facility, you might be able to get away with a leak, but more often than not this is a problem. Roof leaks mean your ceiling tiles are stained, or paint is chipping off the walls, or product is getting damaged. That’s the first effect of roof leaks that is so frustrating. The second issue is that you have to locate the roof which can be very difficult. A leak can be 10 or more feet away from where the water is entering your building, so you can be searching a very large area to try and locate the leak. Once you locate it, then you have to go about actually fixing it.

roof leaks
Rust spots on metal roofs can lead to roof leaks.

Eliminating Roof Leaks

While it may sound difficult or impossible, eliminating roof leaks from your building is attainable. While we may never rid the world of 100% of it’s roof leaks, we can get pretty close. The key is not to try and repair your way to eliminating roof leaks. Patches here and there on your roof don’t truly fix the problem. The roof is still aged, perhaps not functioning properly, and leaks will pop up elsewhere. The way you eliminate roof leaks is by installing a roofing system that has no seams, no fasteners, and is fully adhered. These monolithic roofing systems have very few (if any) weak spots that are vulnerable to leaks. A seam-free roofing system is just safer and more effective than a system with seams.


Roof leaks don’t have to be a way of life, there are certain systems that are nearly impervious to roof leaks. By installing one of these systems, you can eliminate the headaches caused by your roof leaks that you’ve been dealing with for so long.

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