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Preserving The Hoosier Gym

The historic Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Indiana “featured in the 1986 sports film Hoosiers”, is a treasure of nostalgia for movie and hoops fans alike. But to preserve such nostalgia on a nearly century-old building, major maintenance is often needed.

That was certainly the case at the Hoosier Gym. Fortunately, the crew at Insulated Roofing Contractors (IRC) from nearby New Albany, Indiana, was ready to help the gym rebound.

Preserving The Hoosier Gym

The Problem

While The Hoosier Gym is run entirely by volunteers, it is very well taken care of. When the roof began to leak in several spots, the volunteers noticed almost immediately. Thankfully and luckily, all of the leaks appeared over the bleachers, meaning the floor wasn’t damaged. However, if the roof could leak over the bleachers, the operators knew it could leak over the floor too – possibly leading to irreparable damage. The roof, the leaks of which risked of ruining this iconic gym floor, had to be addressed immediately.

The Solution

Immediately, The Hoosier Gym operators contacted IRC to seek out a solution. IRC knew that budget constraints ruled out a complete replacement, making a Silicone Roof Coating Restoration (RCR)system from Progressive Materials (PM) attractive. A silicone restoration would be effective, affordable, and quick.

The Hoosier Gym was covered by an 8,700 square feet Modified Bitumen roof, which is a perfect fit for a silicone RCR system. The roof coating could be applied directly to the roof with no need for a primer. Applied in two thin coats, and the project could be completed in only 3 days.

Scope of Work

  • Installed roof anchors at peak of roof to allow workers to remain tied-off at all times.
  • Power-washed entire roof to remove any dirt or grease stains.
  • Applied silicone coating to all damaged seams.
  • Coated the entire field of the roof with two coats of 100% silicone roof coating.

Preserving The Hoosier Gym Preserving The Hoosier Gym

The Benefits

The most significant benefit the Silicone RCR system provided to The Hoosier Gym was its affordability. Operating almost entirely on donations, the gym needed a solution that wouldn’t exhaust their budget. In addition to affordability, the silicone coating system provides the following benefits.

  • A seamless membrane on the roof that will stop current leaks and prevent future leaks, protecting the iconic gymfloor.
  • The Hoosier Gym will experience reduced energy costs as the reflective white coating reflects UV 80-90% of rays, keeping the gym cooler in the summer.
  • The Silicone RCR system is renewable and can be replaced in 15-20 years by simply applying another layer of coating. The simplicity of the coating means fewer repairs and maintenance, and minimal upkeep.

Bob Garner, a Hoosier Gym volunteer, said after the project was completed that the volunteers were able to use the money saved with the RCR system to replace the AC units in the gym that were beginning to fail. We were very thankful to be a part of preserving this piece of history and protecting the iconic facility for years to come.

Final Thoughts

IRC is always proud to help with community projects whether they are local or across the country. Bringing people together under one of our roofs, especially one as iconic as the Hoosier gym, is why we do what we do and we consider it a privilege.

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