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Performing Roof Inspections to Extend Roof Life


Perhaps the biggest benefit realized by performing regular, thorough roof inspections is that you’ll extend the life of your roof. Sure, in the short run you prevent leaks and minimize repairs, which are both legitimate benefits. But nothing can compare to making a roof last 20 years instead of 10, or 30 years instead of 15. Studies have shown that a roof that is regularly inspected (and subsequently maintained) can last twice as long as a roof that isn’t. Inspecting your roof regularly extends the roof life, delays replacement, and improves performance. So how should you properly inspect your roof?

Twice Per Year

To get the most out of your inspections, we always recommend that you perform them twice per year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. The spring inspection allows you to detect any issues that arose during the winter. The fall inspection allows you to prep for the winter and ensures your roof is ready to withstand the harsh weather. You can’t do much roofing once winter hits, so taking care of everything before it does is usually a very good idea. If your roof has problems going into winter, they will no doubt become more severe during winter.

roof inspections
Roof inspections allow you to identify problems with the roof, as well as the equipment on it

Have a Plan

It’s important that before you perform your roof inspection, you have a plan. Knowing what sections of the roof need the most attention and what you need to look out for will save you a lot of time. Making your inspections efficient and effective will make you more likely to perform them again in the future. Developing a good plan also means that any number of maintenance staff can perform them in a pinch. You don’t want this crucial roofing element to be tied to only a single employee.

Safety First

As you perform your inspections, don’t forget about safety. Wear proper shoes, a hard hat if necessary, and take a harness to tie yourself off when inspecting the edge. It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof in pairs to allow one of you to watch for hazards while the other inspects the roof.


Roof inspections are a key ingredient when it comes to extending the life of your roof. Performing two per year with a good plan will almost surely extend the life of your roof to twice that of a non-inspected roof. As always, if you’re on your roof, safety should be your first priority. If you have questions about performing a proper roof inspection or staying safe on your roof, contact us today.

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