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Minimizing Repairs With Foam Roofing

No one likes to make repairs on their building. Whether they are internal repairs, improvements, or roof repairs, they are always a hassle. If you are like nearly everyone else in the world and try to avoid making repairs, then put a roofing system on your roof that requires fewer repairs than any other system. Spray foam is a very simple roofing system and therefore requires fewer repairs. Let’s look at exactly which characteristics of spray foam allow it to stay in great condition without repairs.

Spray Foam Roofing Means Fewer Repairs

No Fasteners Required

While other roofing systems have to be secured to the roof deck with fasteners, spray foam is spray-applied directly to the deck and adheres completely by itself. No fasteners are needed to secure spray foam. On other roofing systems, the fasteners can back out of the holes and create leaks. They also allow the roof to come loose, which can expose the inside of your building directly to the elements. By eliminating the need for fasteners, spray foam requires fewer repairs than systems that utilize fasteners.

fewer repairs
A spray foam roof is completely seamless and therefore requires fewer repairs.

No Seams

Another common point of failure for traditional roofing systems is the seams. These have to be welded or fastened together somehow, and those bonds can break. When this happens, your roof loses more heat, lets in water, and becomes unsafe. As seams are damaged, you have to perform roof repairs. Spray foam has no seams anywhere in the roof – not in the field, the edges, or around penetrations. This is called a monolithic system and allows spray foam to operate better for longer than roofs with seams.

UV Reflectivity

Once a spray foam roof is installed, it receives either an acrylic or silicone coating over top of the foam. This coating protects the foam from UV rays, which helps the foam to last longer. Other roofing systems can wear and break down in the sunlight, but not a foam roof that is coated properly. The sun is completely harmless to a foam roof with a good protective coating installed.

Spray foam is a much simpler roofing system than traditional roofs. This simplicity helps it to last longer and allows for fewer repairs. If you want to reduce the need for repairs on your roof, consider installing a simple spray foam roof. You’ll save time, money, and eliminate headaches associated with roofing.

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