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Minimize Foot Traffic to Protect Your Roof


There are many companies who like to store extra inventory, tools, equipment, and anything they can think of on top of their roof. If they have a building on which that they can easily access the roof, they’re pretty likely to overuse it. This overuse wouldn’t be a major problem if the items were simply resting on the roof. But, the items being stored are often moved around and can be extremely heavy. Using your roof as storage, and subsequently accessing your roof to retrieve¬†those items, can shorten your roof life.

Storage Leads to Accessing Stored Items

Once items have been stored on your roof, you’ll have to go access them. Once you start accessing them, you’ll have to walk all over the surface of your roof. This foot traffic can damage the surface as you drag your feet, stumble, and walk all over the surface of the roof. The foot traffic on your roof is what damages it, not your items that are stored on the roof. So whether you’re storing items on your roof or accessing it for some other reason, try to minimize the amount you walk around on it.

foot traffic
Foot traffic wears on your building over time.

Journey of a Thousand Steps

Many people don’t think that walking on their roof can do much damage, because they think that it’s just a few steps, they only weigh 200 pounds how could they damage the roof? Well, no single step, or even a single walk on the roof can really damage the roof. But over the course of 10 years, walking on your roof every couple months can really wear down the roof surface and lead to unnecessary repairs and requiring replacement sooner. Do you want to replace your roof sooner than you have to? No, no one does.


Whatever the reason is for you walking on your roof, try to minimize how many steps you are taking and try to minimize the number of trips you make up on the roof. No single walk will damage your roof, but many walks over the course of time can destroy your roof.

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