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Metal Roofing Materials


If you answered yes, a metal roof may roof may be something you want to look into.

Spraying Foam Over Metal
Foam Over Metal to Prevent Leaks in Seams

Metal roofing systems have become accepted in the US thanks to their long track record of performance, weather resistance, and the material’s lifespan. Metal roofing materials have commonly lasted more than 50 years and provided the building they cover with protection from the elements until the very end of their life. This is a major selling point of the material for many people, the fact that they can install the roof and only worry about minor repairs for the life of the roof.

Metal Roofing Materials and the Weather

Metal roofs have also been commonly viewed as a material that can resist wind and weather as well as any other roofing system. And, while the system occasionally experiences troubles with wind uplift issues, overall this viewpoint is correct. As long as metal roofs are installed and maintained properly, they are great when it comes to resisting the elements.

One major pitfall surrounding metal roofs, however, is that of rust. When these systems are installed, if they aren’t properly coated or painted, building owners may begin to see rust develop. As rust develops in the system, it is likely that that section of the roof will begin to leak water into the building and allow the exchange of air from inside the building to outside, and vice versa. Not only does this present the obvious problem of water in your facility, it also raises concern as the energy bill will no doubt be higher as air is allowed to enter and exit the building freely.

Metal Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, metal roofs are not the greenest of roofing systems. Once they are installed, unless they receive coatings on top of the roofing system, the roof will most likely have to be torn out at the end of its life. Whether in 10 or 50 years, it will have to be torn out. This is a lot of unnecessary waste in landfills, and metal roofs are notorious for being torn out at the end of their useful lives.


Metal roofs have many advantages, but they are not without their disadvantages and drawbacks. No roofing system is perfect, so don’t rule metal roofs out simply because of the disadvantages you see here. They can be expected to last a long time, provide excellent protection from the elements, and are lightweight.

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