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Making Simple Roof Repairs


As we’ve already discussed, most roofing systems are harder to repair and maintain than spray foam. We always push the simplicity of spray foam, because we believe it is a truly valuable thing. A simple roofing system saves you time, money, and eliminates stress. The simplicity of spray foam extends long past the installation of the roof. While repairs are few and far between with spray foam, when they do come up, they are generally pretty simple. Let’s look at some examples of spray foam repairs.

simple roof repairs
When required, repairing a spray foam roof is an extremely simple task.

You Have a Leak

Leaks in a spray foam roof are very rare. But, rarity doesn’t mean they never happen. If a leak arises, the first step is to identify the source. This can be done by either 1. Finding a hole, gash, slit, or otherwise damaged area of foam. This is usually pretty simple as you know the general area of the roof that is leaking. 2. Use an infrared scan at night to locate the area of the roof that is wet. 3. If the leak is advanced, you may be able to simply feel the wet foam from the roof surface.

Once you’ve located the roof, you simply need to cut out the wet foam and replace it with new. Tear the wet foam out to the roof deck, then spray down new. Apply a protective coating over the new foam and you’re good to go.

You Find Damaged Foam

Some roof inspections will turn up damaged foam before a leak appears. This can be caused by foot traffic, dropped equipment, or other uncommon events. When you find the damaged foam, you simply need to cut out the area around the foam and then fill it in with caulk. You can pour granules onto the caulk before it dries as well. Making simple roof repairs takes on a new meaning with spray foam when all you need is caulk.


Making simple roof repairs is vastly more enjoyable than making difficult, complex repairs. Installing a spray foam roof locks you in to simple repairs for 20+ years. Why wouldn’t you take that sort of headache relief?

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