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Keep Your Contractor Involved for a Quick Roof Installation


We encourage our customers to, once the contractor has proven their integrity, partner with their roofing contractor in order to receive better service in a more timely manner at a better price. Relationships are everything, and that is no different with your contractor. As we mentioned in this post, there are several different ways to increase your chances of having a quick roof installation on your building. One way to increase your chances is to keep your contractor involved in your decisions.

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A roofing contractor who is familiar with their roof can draw on past experience when making decisions and recommendations for your roof.

Contractor Time on the Roof Matters

By spending more and more time on your roof, your roofing contractor will learn how you like to solve problems, how you like the roof to look, how much you’re generally willing to spend on overages, etc. A contractor who gets on your roof for the first time and has to make repairs will have a question for you every 15 minutes as something else comes up. This slows them down and certainly annoys you. By retaining the same contractor and keeping them in the loop in the decision making process, they can learn about you and will start solving some of the more minor problems for you.

Don’t Surprise Them

Your contractor doesn’t need to know every decision you ever make on your roof, sure. But they may like to know if you are planning on changing the location of air conditioning units, or changing materials for a section of the roof, etc. It’s important to keep your contractor aware of your plans so that they can make their plans accordingly.


Keeping your contractor involved in the roofing process on your building will ensure that they know what you are planning, what you like and dislike, and the direction you’d like to go in. All of which should save you time and money in the future.

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