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IRC Maintaining an Iconic Look

Directly in the middle of downtown Indianapolis sits a train station that is iconic to the city. It is the first Union Station and was built in 1853. This iconic facility has taken part in the transportation of millions of people and goods in the last 164 years. These days, Union Station is an office, parking, and public meeting space that also houses restaurants and entertainment. The train station itself remains open and is fully operational.

With such a rich history and reputation, the facility managers didn’t want to change the look of the facility when they installed a new roof. They recognized the importance of preserving relics such as this and maintaining their beauty.

IRC Maintaining an Iconic Look

The Problem

The roof at Union Station was in very poor condition. Leaks, broken skylights, and poor roof access were among the many issues. These problems needed to be fixed, but there were many obstacles in the way. First of all, Union Station is located in a downtown area, meaning it’s surrounded by other buildings, vehicles, and pedestrians that create a challenge for industrial work. Second, because the station is elevated, getting equipment to the rooftop would be difficult.

The IRC Solution

Insulated Roofing Contractors approached the property management of Union Station with a proposal to apply spray foam and bright red coating. This would preserve the iconic look of the roof while also protecting it. IRC would use coating specially developed by Progressive Materials. The proposal included a plan to store equipment on the elevated sections of Union Station to overcome the challenge of moving equipment each day. The spray foam and red coating system would give Union Station a brand new roof surface while preserving the historic look of the station and preventing damage to the surroundings.

The Scope of Work

  • Removed old spray foam that was cracked, damaged, or wet.
  • Power-washed entire roof to remove any dirt or grease stains.
  • Installed 2.5 inches of new spray foam.
  • Applied light gray silicone coating to entire roof at a thickness of 30 mils.
  • Applied granules to field of roof for improved durability and traction.
  • Applied custom red silicone coating to monitors at a thickness of 20 mils.

The Benefits

With the new roof in place, Union Station will be safe and dry for years to come. The new roof comes with a 15 year leak-free warranty, in addition to these other benefits:

  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Elimination of current and prevention of future leaks.
  • Simplified repairs and improvements for maintenance crew.
  • Preserved and enhanced iconic look of roof.

Final Thoughts

IRC is always proud to help with community projects whether they are local or across the country. Bringing people together under one of our roofs for such a great community staple like the Union Station is why we do what we do.

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