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How Heat Affects Your Roof

Every season has a different effect on your roof. In the fall, it’s fluctuating temperatures. In the winter, it’s snow and ice. In the spring, it’s heavy rainfall, and in the summer, it’s the blistering heat. However, the heat comes with much more than some high temperatures, so you must be proactive in ensuring your roof is protected. 

The following are some of the potential elements that can damage your roof in the summer:

UV Light

UV Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. It not only has the ability to damage our skin which many people are aware of, but it can also severely damage your roof. 

High Temps

As mentioned previously, high temperatures are an unavoidable factor in the summer months. Metal can expand and contract, screws can come loose, components can overheat, and countless things can go wrong if maintenance is not regulated. 


High humidity can cause various roof materials to expand, allowing for moisture to not only get in but to stay in and cause lasting damage. This damage can be anything from leaks in your roof to dangerous types of molds. 

Thermal Shock

Have you ever been out in the high heat of the day and then walked into the cold air conditioning of your house feeling total relief? Unfortunately, this kind of temperature change for roofs is hazardous for their long-term stability. Often the heat of the daytime and lower temperatures at night can cause roofs to expand and contract. This can lead to permanent cracks and warping. 

In our previous blog about SPF, we spoke about the many uses of Spray Polyurethane Foam. One is its use in Yeti coolers as insulation for the products inside. This is a direct picture of the heat resistance properties that Polyurethane Foam can offer, making it an ideal material for your roof during the hot summer months as well as the cold. SPF is also used to cover and protect cracks and splits in materials, making it perfect for resisting moisture buildup.

So if you find yourself in these hot summer months worrying about your roof, then it’s time for you to give us a call. 

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