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How Can You Recognize a Great Roofing Contractor?


A great roofing contractor isn’t the company that is making the most amount of money or even has the most employees. A great roofing contractor has qualities that stand out from the rest of the pack, whether they make 90k or 90 Million or have 50 employees or 500.  A great roofing contractor will be knowledgeable, will be timely and efficient with the work at hand, will demonstrate high quality in their performance and will show integrity throughout the duration of the project and even after it is complete to ensure satisfaction.


Knowledge is key when a contractor is quoting, planning, executing, and completing a roofing project. A contractor may have all the knowledge in the world about roofing and the different types of systems to use but if that contractor can’t plan or execute a roofing project they won’t last long in the industry because they will over promise and under delivery. Our salesmen, project managers, foremen, and roofers are all extremely knowledgeable on not only the products we use, but also your existing roof, possible alternatives, and the best method to use. We’ve been doing roofing for 45 years and have seen just about everything there is and have become very knowledge in the roofing industry.

Quality Work

When searching for a roofing contractor, you will no doubt want to look at their past body of work to get a grasp on how they operate and to see the work they have done. Don’t forget to check that the roofing contractor in question is good at what they do. Make sure their roofs look good and perform well and that the contractor has the skill required to complete your project on time and in a fitting manner. At IRC we never leave a job until the customer is completely satisfied. No matter the size we pay attention to detail and meet or exceed safety standards on every job. We trust our quality of work, products we use and the people that do it so much that we warrant our work up to 20 years.


Perhaps the most important quality to look for in a roofing contractor, integrity means they do what is right by you, even if it means losing time and/or money. They have an agreement with you, and they are going to fulfill that agreement, whatever it takes. A great way to discover whether or not a roofing contractor behaves with integrity is to ask their former customers without their knowledge. Don’t pick the customers they want you to talk to, pick the ones that they don’t want you to talk to. That way, you know you are getting an unbiased opinion about the work the contractor performs.

Roofing Contractors
We often have multiple crews on a single roof at one time


Another very important aspect of being a great roofing contractor is timeliness. If a contractor constantly misses deadlines, they will most likely also experience a lot of cost overruns, increasing the cost of your roof installation. Timeliness is crucial for roofing contractors because it is indicative of the behavior and mindset of the contractor. A contractor that doesn’t mind wasting your time, giving you headaches, and charging you more money because they miss deadlines, probably doesn’t mind giving you a poor-quality product and poor service along the way. We have more crews than most roofing companies, and they are all capable of installing our products. Because we have so many crews, we finish our projects quickly and can shift crews from one job to another as time demands.

When you work with IRC you’ll get a dedicated team of professionals who focus on your project and know your building. On top of our experience, integrity, and commitment to quality, we are completely focused on customer service as a company. We take the time to hear what our customers have to say and adapt.


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