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Everyone In Your Building Deserves to Feel Safe


When thinking about ensuring safety in our buildings, it can become easy to think only about our employees, or only about our customers, but there are many more stakeholders in building safety than just these two groups. Vendors who come into your building to talk pricing. The UPS guy who is delivering a package. Non-customers walking down the street right next to your building. Service workers making improvements inside your building. Each of these parties is inside your building, and you should do your best to keep them safe while they are there.

Safety of everyone in your building
Do your parking lots, sidewalks, lamps, and other exterior features pose a threat to those outside your building?

Those Outside Your Building

You should consider the safety of those just outside your building, whether you are doing business with them or not. People shouldn’t walk on the sidewalk next to your building and see cracked bricks ready to fall, damaged concrete, exposed wires, or signs hanging half-connected to the building. Dangers such as these seem rare, but walk a few city street blocks and you’ll find each of the hazards described above. It’s hard to feel safe on the sidewalk when these things exist.

Those Inside Your Building

Employees, customers, delivery agents, vendors, repair and service crews, should all feel safe inside your building. You should provide them with safety equipment and advice as they enter your premises, and keep an eye on them to make sure they’re safe. It’s also important to make sure that everyone inside your building is adhering to certain safety standards to avoid endangering other people in your building. You may not be responsible for the UPS worker bringing packages in, but you are responsible for making sure they don’t endanger your other workers in the building.


The burden of providing safety for everyone in and around your building is not one to be taken lightly. No business is worth endangering the lives and well-being of those in and around the business. If you have questions regarding safety in your building, contact us today. Our safety director, Rich Allen, loves to help our customers find better ways to keep everyone safe.

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