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Every SPF Roofing Answer You Could Ever Want


We install Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof material, or SPF roofing material, so we’d like to answer any questions we commonly hear regarding spray foam roofing.

How do you apply a Spray Foam Roof?

As the name implies, Spray Foam is applied to roofs using specialized spraying equipment. The spraying method ensures that the foam fills every crack and crevice of the roof surface. Once sprayed, the foam expands to roughly 30 times its original liquid volume and forms a hard surface. This expanding and hardening of the foam forms one of the most secure roofing systems available.

spf roofing answers
Aerial shot of a SPF roof we installed.

What is the life span of a Spray Foam Roof?

The answer to this question is however long you want it to last. If you have the roof properly installed, and are willing to pay to have it properly cleaned and re-coated every 10-15 years, the roof could potentially last forever. As long as it is cleaned and re-coated on a proper schedule, there is no known end to the useful service life of a spray foam roof.

How should you maintain a Spray Foam Roof?

Proper maintenance of an SPF Roofing system is very simple. Clean and re-coat every 10-15 years, and inspect annually and after events such as storms that could cause physical damage. If an inspection reveals damage sustained by the roof, all dents, cracks and punctures less than 3”in diameter can be repaired with a sealant by hand. More extensive damage should have SPF and coating reapplied. That’s it!

How does SPF Roofing compare on cost?

Initially, a Spray Foam Roof costs more than most other systems. However, due to low labor costs, and a very long service life, they tend to cost 10-50% than membrane systems with comparable performance based on a lifecycle cost analysis performed by Michelsen Technologies.

What is the purpose of the coating over top of the Foam?

SPF Roof Systems are waterproof, but not UV proof. The sun deteriorates the Spray Foam fairly quickly, and it then loses its ability to perform. The coatings put on top protect against UV rays. We manufacture silicone coatings that we recommend be applied over every Spray Foam Roof.

Can a Spray Foam Roof be walked on?

Sure can. Despite weighing only a few ounces per square foot, the Spray Foam Roofing system can easily resist normal walking and wear and tear.

What is the best application for SPF roofing?

SPF is primarily a commercial material with regards to roofing, but it is also used in residential applications for insulation in walls and attics. For our purposes, SPF is a commercial roofing material.

Why have I never heard of SPF Roofing?

Despite being one of the most effective roofing systems available, SPF Roofing Systems simply have not received the acceptance in the architectural and construction worlds that other roofing systems have. We are working hard to change this, as SPF Systems have been around for over 40 years, and have proven to be very reliable.

Why are there so few SPF Roofing contractors?

There are some high startup costs for the contractor, and a steep learning curve associated with application of the product. It takes extensive training and lots of practice to be capable of ensuring a proper install.

How does a Spray Foam Roof save me money?

A spray foam roof helps to keep the temperature in your building where you want it all year long. In the summer, it reflects the sun’s rays to keep the building cooler. In the winter, it traps your building’s heat inside to keep the building warmer. On top of its great insulating properties, a spray foam roof can be cleaned and re-coated every 10-15 years for very low cost and you have what is essentially a new roof.

What can I do with other questions?

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