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Eliminate Ponding Water with Foam


It’s been long known that ponding water is a problem for building owners and can cause major problem with the roof system, but there haven’t always been a lot of ways to prevent the problem. Once ponding water begins, it usually causes the roof to sag further, which causes more ponding water, which causes more sagging. It’s a vicious cycle.

Eliminate ponding water with foamBefore spray foam, building owners could add crickets to the roof to divert ponding water, install pumps that would suck in water and move it elsewhere, or clean the roofs themselves. However, sprayed polyurethane foam adds an interesting solution to ponding water on your commercial roof.

Diverting Ponding Water with Spray Foam

Because spray foam is applied directly to the roof surface, rather than being prefabricated and then applied to the roof, it can be applied thicker in some areas and thinner in others. This allows for the possibility of raising up known ponding water spots to prevent the water from gathering there anymore. The water will now be forced to flow to a different area of the roof and will no longer cause the roof to sag.

Spray Foam Is Versatile Enough to Build up the Low Areas

Because foam expands and solidifies so rapidly when it is applied, it can go on a roof very thick while still maintaining product integrity and performance. This high build capability is what allows the foam to be applied so thick in the area known for ponding water and still perform as well as the foam installed at a more common thickness in other areas. Thin or thick application, sprayed polyurethane foam still outperforms all other roofing systems.

Using an Experienced Contractor

Sprayed polyurethane foam is a very easily installed system, but that doesn’t mean it requires no training and that anyone can do it. It is an easy system to install once someone has been trained and practiced installing it. If you are using a contractor that isn’t a fantastic installer of foam, you can expect that they either won’t properly fix your ponding water problems, or that they will create new problems by applying the foam unevenly.


Spray foam can be a great tool to remove ponding water from your roof surface, and it can be an easy, pleasant experience if the contractor knows what they are doing. You have to make sure that you hire a contractor that is experienced and wants to create a beautiful finished product for you, though, if you want great results on your building.

You need to search for areas of ponding water on your roof each time you perform an inspection. If you start to detect the early signs of ponding water before the roof is damaged and the problem multiplied, you can save a ton of money and time.


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