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Do You Trust the Workers on Your Roof?


One of the most difficult aspects of hiring a professional to perform work for you is developing a trusting relationship. Many people never quite strike up that personal/professional balance that is so crucial in developing a friendly, trusting relationship that harbors a great experience. This problem is a minor annoyance when someone is fixing your car at their repair shop, but it can become a real safety concern when the contractor you distrust is on your property and not their own? It becomes a little bit more personal when they can access your campus at any time, night or day. Let’s look at why it is so important to trust the men working on your roof.

Trusting your roofing contractors
Do you trust the contractor on your roof?

Why Is It So Important to Trust the Workers on Your Roof?

Distrust of the men working on your roof, whether founded or unfounded, means you will constantly be worrying about what they are doing on your premises. Are they truly working? Are they posing a dangerous threat? Are they damaging property? Let’s look in detail at why you need to trust the men on your roof.

They have full access to your campus 24 hours a day.

While roofing crews aren’t always granted 24 hour access, they often are because the job is such a rush. Sure, if your facility is being operated on 24 hours a day, you probably have employees and security there 24 hours a day, but there is still more risk in the dark.

When crews are at your location at night, are they actually working, or are they cashing in on the lack of accountability? When they are there at night, are they a little more careless and are they damaging your property? If they are on your roof 24 hours a day, you need to either really trust them or have additional security and supervision in place.

They can charge you anything they want.

Related to the two previous paragraphs, if the contractor is on your roof without supervision, are they working as hard as they can and being honest, or are they taking it slow and easy yet charging you as if they worked a full night? If you don’t trust them, you may find that you are worried every time you see an invoice that you aren’t paying the correct amount.

It can worry your employees.

Let’s say you express to a subordinate that you aren’t 100% confident in the integrity of the roofing crew. Well, now that person may tell 2-3 coworkers who each tell their friends, and before long everyone in the company is worried about the roofing crew. You now have a building full of employees that aren’t comfortable parking their cars on the lot or walking to their cars alone at night.


There are a lot of reasons you need to trust the men working on your roof, or any other part of your campus for that matter. These are just a few examples of things that are important to think about when hiring any contractor who will be working on your facilities. If you are looking for a contractor with a proven track record and a history of quality and integrity, give us a call! We have been in the business taking care of our customers for 40 years and we pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with them.

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