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Do You Need a Spray Foam Warranty on Your Roof?


People often wonder if the spray foam warranty that they are offered the chance to purchase at their roof installation is worth the additional investment or not. Many people think they cannot afford the extra 10-20 cents per square foot on their warranty when they purchase their roof. The fact is, you can’t afford not to spend the extra money on a spray foam warranty.

Sure, more often than not your roof performs well without purchasing that spray foam warranty, but if something goes wrong and you don’t have a warranty on your roof, you’ll be shelling out a huge amount of cash, often times as much money as you spent on the original roof installation.

spray foam warranty
Spray Foam Roofs pay off in the long run, including their warranties.

Can You Afford to Buy Your Roof Twice?

When you don’t purchase a spray foam warranty, in the off chance that something on your roof goes terribly wrong, you will be caught spending basically the same amount of money to repair the roof as you did to install it. If you can afford to buy your roof twice and “self-insure” against the cost of replacement, maybe you don’t need the warranty. However, most building owners can’t afford to purchase two roofs for their building, and therefore need the warranty.

Invest Now, Save Later

If you spend the money on a warranty up front, you will save significantly more money later in the life of the roof if something does go wrong. The risk of purchasing a warranty and not utilizing it (i.e. nothing goes wrong with your roof) exists, but the risk of not purchasing a warranty and needing one is much bigger.  The odds of something going wrong with your roof may be less than everything going smoothly, but the money required if something does go wrong raises the stakes, so to speak. Spending a little money now can help you to protect yourself from larger expenditures later.


Don’t be afraid to invest in a warranty on your roof thinking that you won’t need it. It’s possible that you’ll never utilize the warranty, but it’s also possible that you’ll need it and you’ll save yourself tons of money. Invest in a warranty up front, you’ll thank yourself later.

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