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Cost Benefits of Foam Roofing

Many people are afraid of spray foam because it has a higher price tag than many other roofing systems. This is a misguided viewpoint for several reasons, though. 1. Spray foam is more expensive, but you’re also getting a far superior product. Better wind uplift resistance, longer life-cycle, better insulation, better waterproofing, just to name a few. 2. Spray foam pays for itself during its life. A study carried out by Texas A&M University determined that their spray foam roofs had completely paid for themselves through reduced energy expenses in under 5 years. That means for the remaining 20 years of roof life, the roof was making them money, not costing money. If you want to make an investment in your building, think spray foam. If you just want a roof that is the lowest cost right now, spray foam probably isn’t for you.

Long-term Benefits of Spray Foam

With most roofing systems, you pay for them just to keep you safe and dry. You aren’t really getting additional benefits over the life of the roof. You are simply paying for protection. With a spray foam roof, however, you are paying for greater benefits after installation. There are also benefits at installation which we will address here as well.

Spray Foam Benefits at Installation

When you install spray foam, you receive benefits right up front. First, the roof is installed more quickly than other systems. Second, it’s installed with minimal tear-off required, which means no disruption to your operations. Thirdly, it can be installed with a smaller crew, meaning lower labor costs. Once it’s installed, what are the benefits of spray foam?

Benefits During the Lifecycle of Spray Foam

R-value measures the insulating properties of different materials. Spray foam has the highest R-value of any roofing product on the market. So while other systems require insulation to be installed beneath them, which often means a dividing layer as well – more work! – spray foam is directly applied to the roof substrate and you’re done. On top of ease of installation, spray foam saves money on your energy bills for the duration of its life. These savings can be significant – a Texas A&M study revealed that their spray foam roofs saved enough money through reduced energy usage to cover the roof costs in 4.5 years. All savings after that point put money back in the school’s pockets.

In addition to insulation, spray foam has a reflective coating installed over top of it, which reflects UV rays into the atmosphere rather than absorbing them and converting them into heat energy. This keeps your building naturally cooler in the summer.

Repairs are also much easier on a spray foam roof than any other system. If a split, crack, or leak appears, simply cut the foam out around the area to ensure you have a smooth work surface, apply caulk to fill it in, and voila. It’s fixed. Simple and fast repairs save money at the time of repair and by making it easier to prevent major issues from springing up.

Finally, at the end of its life, spray foam isn’t really done yet. As long as you haven’t let the protective coating deteriorate, the foam will still be in great shape underneath. Simply re-apply the protective coating and you have 15-20 more years of useful life out of your roof.

Spray foam saves you money at installation, during its life, and at the “end” of its life. With so many savings opportunities, getting a foam roof at any price appears to be a good deal! Contact us today to learn more.


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