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Commercial Roofing Options: Spray Foam


OK, we may be a little bit biased because spray foam is the roofing system we built our business on and is still our main roofing system, but we chose it because of its superiority, it wasn’t an accident. We recognized that spray foam had qualities that no other roofing system could match and we got behind it full force. Spray foam is indeed the most advanced roofing system on the planet and offers unparalleled benefits. But surely there are some drawbacks, right?

Spray Foam roofs can make terrible surfaces look great.
Roof after spray foam fixed and improved it.
Roof before spray foam fixed it.
Roof before spray foam fixed it.

Benefits of Spray Foam Roofs


Low Installation Costs

Because spray foam can be installed very quickly and with very little labor, the installation costs are significantly reduced. This means that you pay for the quality of the material on your roof, not the labor to install it.

Superior Insulation

Spray foam has a higher R-value than any other roofing system available today. R-value defines a material’s ability to prevent the transfer of heat through it, so a higher R-value means foam is a better insulator than other materials.

Wind Uplift Resistance

Spray foam roofs also offer superior wind uplift resistance because they are completely adhered to the roof. This means in a storm, you can feel confident your roof will stay put.

Drawbacks of Spray Foam


Higher Price Tag

Spray foam is an amazing roofing system, and it is priced like it. You can’t buy a gold castle for the price of a stone one, and you can’t buy a premium roof for the price of a poor one. This can be prohibitive for some owners on a tighter budget, but we believe spray foam is worth every penny.



Spray foam is a great system that offers extreme benefits with few drawbacks. If you are willing and able to pay the (usually) higher price tag upfront, you’ll receive years of benefit and cost savings in the future.

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