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Can Your Perform Your Roof Maintenance Yourself?


So, you have inspected your flat roof, determined the different issues that need to be addressed, and now it is time to take care of performing the repairs and carrying out your roof maintenance. Are you going to perform the repairs yourself to try and save money, or hire a professional to perform the repairs?

Consider All Costs of Making Repairs

Paying for roof maintenance
If are managing a building of considerable size, you may not want to attempt to repair it yourself.

If you are going to have repairs made to your roof, it is easy to think that labor is the only thing you are paying for with a professional contractor. If you are thinking that way, you may think you can do it all yourself and save a boat load of money. However, don’t forget that there are generally a decent amount of materials involved in the repair process, and these can get expensive. A professional contractor with a good reputation can get you a price on these materials that you would not be able to get, and they may actually save you money on materials even with their markup.

It is also important to remember that your time is valuable, and often difficult to place a dollar amount on. This factor has to be estimated more than the price of labor or material as it isn’t an exact number. However, if it will take you 80 hours to do what a contractor needs 16 for, are you really better off doing it yourself? Perhaps in this situation your time is better spent working on something in your area of expertise, and your money is better spent paying a contractor to perform the repairs.


If your roof needs to be repaired, you can do it yourself or hire a professional. There are situations where either choice can be correct, you just have to remember to weigh the costs and benefits of both options against one another to ensure you are making the correct choice.

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