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Benefits of Working with a Spray Foam Contractor


Since we’re a spray foam contractor, we’re a little biased, but we think you’ll like working with a spray foam contractor better than others. Therea re three main reasons that we think make us superior to other contractors based solely on our roofing experience. We could get into our family-owned structure, our commitment to safety, and our industry leadership, but we’ll save those for another post. In this post, we’ll just look at reasons why our past with spray foam will benefit you as we work on your roof.

spray foam contractor
Some of our biggest projects included large areas that weren’t spray foam.

Experience with Different Roofing Systems

Because spray foam can be used in new construction or retrofit applications, we have experience working with many different roofing systems. Any contractor can roof in a new construction application, but not everyone can work with as many applications as we can and do. Many of our applications are retrofit, requiring us to tear-off or repair the existing roof prior to applying our foam. Thanks to our experience with different roofing systems, no matter what substrate you have we’ve probably worked with it before. This allows us to work faster and more accurately and to save you money.

Making Repairs

We aren’t limited to just tearing off various roof types – we can also make repairs and improvements to roof sections while we work. If the entire roof isn’t spray foam, that doesn’t mean we can’t work on the other sections. We can install spray foam where you want it while still working on the other sections. If you need extensive work done on non-spray foam sections, we may bring in a subcontractor, but we can still manage that process for you.

Custom Project Guarantee

Finally, if you work with a spray foam contractor, you know you’re getting attention to detail. When we retrofit a spray foam roof over an existing roof, it’s a custom project. Every single project is different and that means you get a lot of special attention. We can’t go on auto-pilot because the roof isn’t like any we’ve done before. This attention to detail means you get the best possible roof as we work to get it right.


Spray foam contractors are often seen as one-trick ponies, but the opposite is actually true. The retrofit nature of their roof actually prepares them to see different roofing systems. A metal or single-ply only contractor may not be prepared for these variations. Contact us today to work with the largest spray foam contractor in the US with over 40 years of experience.

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