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Benefits of Single Ply


We spend a lot of time on this blog promoting spray foam roofing, and that is because it’s what we started out doing as a commercial roofing contractor. However, we know that spray foam is not right in every situation, and single-ply is a viable alternative for many buildings. We regularly install single-ply roofs if we feel that they are the right choice for the building owner.

Benefits of Single Ply Roofs

Resistance of chemicals

One of the greatest benefits of single ply roofs is their resistance to various chemicals. They are excellent at resisting acid rain, and they can be exposed to many different chemicals without sacrificing performance. Single ply roofs are specially formulated and manufactured to resist these chemicals and they do a great job at it.

single ply roofs
This EPDM roof has a very nice finish.

Ease of Installation

Single ply roofs are very lightweight, so their installation process is typically pretty easy and is a great benefit of the system. On top of the lightweight benefit of single of roofs, most systems are simply easy to install. Whether they’re being glued down, fastened or heat-applied, the systems are rather intuitive and simple to install. That doesn’t mean mistakes can’t be made when it comes to seam failure, but even a moderately experienced contractor should be able to install these systems with ease.

Pricing Options

Perhaps the most significant of all the benefits of single ply roofs is the price tag. They are a low cost roofing system in general, but nowadays most single ply systems come in different grades or thicknesses, so you can save even more money by not “over-roofing” your building. By utilizing the proper grade of material on your building, you can eliminate a few cents per square foot and still get a roof that fits your needs.


There are many benefits of single ply roofs that you can capitalize on your building. There are also some drawbacks, as with any system, but single ply roofs can be a great choice in many situations. To talk to one of our salesmen about getting a single ply roof on your building, click here.

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