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What Will Your Commercial Roofing Installation Take?

DO YOU KNOW THE TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY YOUR COMMERCIAL ROOFING INSTALLATION WILL REQUIRE? Every commercial roofing system gets installed differently than the next. There is not one general installation method as there might be for asphalt shingles in residential use. Depending on the material and system you choose, the installation method, duration, pricing, and … Read more

Commercial Roofing Solutions

WHAT ARE THE COMMERCIAL ROOFING SOLUTIONS TO THESE COMMON PROBLEMS? Over the years, data has been collected on many different commercial roofs to help determine the most common problems building owners and facility managers face with their roofs. Through this data collection and the observation of many professionals, a list of the 10 most common … Read more

Keys to Extend the Life of Your Roof

YOUR ROOF IS A HUGE INVESTMENT, TAKE CARE OF IT AND MAKE IT LAST LONGER! Are you looking for ways to extend the life of your roof and lengthen the number of years it keeps you dry? Are you willing to put some time and effort into your roof now to make sure it lasts … Read more

Why You Need to Perform Regular Roof Inspections

OUR NUMBER ONE TIP FOR EXTENDING THE LIFE OF YOUR ROOF IS TO PERFORM REGULAR ROOF INSPECTIONS. If you own or manage a commercial flat roof, you absolutely must have the roof inspected on a regular basis. Whether the inspection is performed by you, or if you are paying someone else to perform the inspection, … Read more

How to Write a Roof Inspection Plan

KNOW WHAT TO DO BEFORE YOU GET ON YOUR ROOF, HAVE A PLAN! The first step for anyone that wants to extend the life of their roof is to write down a roof inspection plan. By performing regular effective roof inspections, you can prevent premature failure and minimize the size of repairs required. Detecting any … Read more

Executing Your Plan for Roof Inspections

HOW CAN YOU MAKE SURE YOU STICK TO YOUR PLAN? The most important part of a roof inspection plan is execution. Writing down a plan doesn’t help you detect issues with your roof before they are out of control, but getting up on your roof and carrying out your inspection plan do. It can be … Read more

What to Expect From Your Roof Inspections

DON’T GET ON YOUR ROOF AND WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BEFOREHAND! As you prepare to get up on your roof and perform your inspection, you have to start asking yourself what you plan to find and what you should be looking for. Once you’ve written your inspection plan, … Read more

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