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A Longer Life Cycle Saves You Money


By purchasing and installing a roof on your building with a longer life cycle than other systems, you save money by minimizing roof maintenance costs and delaying roof replacement costs. Saving money is obviously something all building owners want to do, which is what makes spray foam such an attractive option for their roof. Spray foam offers a longer life cycle than all other roof systems out there which means it saves you big money. Let’s look at how spray foam offers a longer life cycle and how it can benefit you.

Superior Material

Spray foam by itself is a very rigid and strong material, which allows it to last longer and resist damage better than most other roofing systems. Very few things can damage spray foam, so it naturally lasts longer because it is a strong material. If the foam does become damaged, it can be repaired more easily than most other roofing systems – it only requires a tube of caulk to make most repairs.

longer life cycle saves you money
This foam roof is being recoated to extend the life of the roof.

Recoating Spray Foam

On top of its naturally strong properties, spray foam is coated with a protective coating after installation that protects it from UV rays. The sun is essentially the only thing that can damage spray foam, so this coating keeps the sun out and keeps the foam lasting a long time. However, over time this coating will wear out and will no longer protect the foam. So, every 20-25 years a spray foam roof will be recoated with this coating, which allows it to achieve a longer life cycle. This coating can be renewed many times, making spray foam last longer than any other roof. This longer life cycle is a major benefit to building owners.


One of the many advantages of spray foam roofs are that they offer a longer life cycle than any other roofing system available. Who wouldn’t want their roof to last a long time? No one, everyone wants a good roof, and spray foam is a great roof! Contact us today to learn more.

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