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A Good Roof Makes Your Building Safer


One of the best ways to provide safety in your building is to make sure everything is structurally sound, including your roof. Too many times have we heard of buildings not being up to code, or not being properly maintained, and thus causing harm to those in and around the building. We can’t help you with every part of your building, but we can help with the roof.

Replacing an Old Roof

Sometimes, an old roof is simply too old and weak to still be in use. It may never collapse, but it may be unsafe for those who walk on the roof to perform repairs and inspections. Perhaps the metal panels are deteriorating and walking on the roof is no longer safe. These roofs should be repaired, or if the aging is bad enough, replaced. If you have an old roof that needs to be replaced, we can help. In this case, since the roof is not structurally sound, it will need to be torn out and receive a new roof deck. Then foam can be applied, which provides great strength to the roof for many years.

Keeping building occupants safe
An old roof may have to be replaced to keep everyone safe.

Replacing a Damaged Roof

Sometimes roofs aren’t all that old, but they have become unsafe due to damage sustained. This could be wind or hail damage, or perhaps the roof is sagging and has become weak due to snow overloading on top of the roof. This damage causes the roof to become weaker and poses a threat to occupants when the next storm hits. A roof that is weakened over time should be inspected regularly, and if the roof becomes unsafe it needs to be replaced. Spray foam can save building owners money in this type of situation if you inspect the roof and identify damage before it’s too late. If you can get ahead of the damage, spray foam can be installed without the need for tear off, saving time and money while still making your roof safer.


While roofs an be dependable for a very long time, they can become weak and therefore dangerous as they age. By replacing the roof promptly, or repairing and improving it as necessary, you can keep everyone in and around your building safe.

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