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A Good Relationship Usually Means Good Service


When you’ve worked with the same contractor or vendor or team member for a long time, you can start to build trust with that person and tend to receive consistently good service. You get to know them, they get to know you, and you start to help each other out with things that you may not be willing to do for other people. If you’ve just met someone, you’re not going to have a strong desire to go above and beyond to do them a favor. You may still get good service, but it often won’t be that above and beyond service that makes you say “Wow.” However, if they’re a friend or a close co-worker or business relationship, you’ll be much more inclined to help them out.

good service
Building a relationship with your roofing contractor can ensure good service in the future.

Working with Your Contractor Means Good Service

Your relationship with your contractor is no different. As your relationship grows, you’re more willing to support them by giving them repeat business and they become more willing to help you and serve you quickly. This relationship where both parties try to help the other when they have the opportunity is a nice place to be as both a contractor and a building owner.

Remaining Within Reason

However, you must keep in mind that your contractor still has to make money and building owners still have to save money. So, while each party has a desire and a commitment to help the other out, give them business when possible, always provide good service, and save them money when possible, they both still have to make or save money. So, don’t expect your contractor to suddenly stop charging you for all work after you’ve been with them for five years. They may give you some free or discounted repairs and small jobs, but if they stop charging you or making a profit on any of your jobs, then you are no longer the good customer that they fell in love with.¬†Contractors can’t expect their customers to pay them more than they deserve simply because they’ve worked together a lot, either.


Growing a healthy relationship with your contractor can lead to quick service as they strive to please you and keep you happy, but there are limits to this kindness. Contractors still have other customers to take care of and have to make money, so make sure you keep that in mind as you hope for price breaks.

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