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7 Ways Spray Foam Roofs Benefit You


Spray foam offers some amazing benefits to building owners and contractors who use it. This piece will predominantly examine the benefits provided by spray foam to building owners.

1 – Easy Installation

When we say easy installation, that doesn’t mean that anyone can do it. It takes skill and practice to install a spray foam roof properly and achieve good results (which, by the way, is all the more reason to be careful which contractor you choose). What easy installation means in this case is that there is no tear off of the old roof required prior to foam installation. This helps you in two ways.

2 – No Tear Off Saves You Money

By eliminating¬†the need to tear off the old roof, you don’t have to pay for the labor, tools, unforeseen issues, and waste removal costs typically associated with a tear off.

3 – No Tear Off Saves You Time

Another obvious benefit of eliminating roof tear off is saving the time involved with tearing off an old roof. You can finish your new roof sooner by not tearing off the old roof.

4 – High R-Value

Spray foam has the highest R-value, or insulation capabilities, on the market, saving you money on your energy bill every month.

5 – Wind Uplift Resistance

Spray foam provides your building superior protection from the elements, specifically wind. Because it is fully adhered to the roof deck it doesn’t have any weak points for the wind to grab hold of and tear the roof off.

6 – Easy Repairs

Fixing a typical roofing system can be a major headache, most repairs are confusing and difficult to make. However, spray foam is an extremely simply system to fix and most building owners can make their repairs with no need for a contractor.

7 – Recoats

The recoating process of spray foam is perhaps the greatest benefit of a spray foam roof. At the end of the warranty period, you can recoat the roof with a protective coating for a fraction of the cost, and receive another warranty period for little money and little work.


Spray foam roofs offer many great benefits to building owners, above are seven of the greatest benefits it provides. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about these benefits or foam in general.

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