Performing Statutory Maintenance in Your Facilities

Posted by Josh on April 27, 2017  /   Posted in Commercial Roofing, Maintenance

WHAT MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED IN YOUR BUILDING? Regulations surrounding maintenance vary from country to country, state to state, and industry to industry. The maintenance regulations and requirements for a picture frame manufacturer in Texas will vary wildly from a food packaging plant in California. California being known for its stringent requirements on health, safety, and the environment,

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Condition Assessment of Your Building’s Assets

Posted by Josh on April 20, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Commercial Roofing, Maintenance, Roof Maintenance

PERFORMING A CONDITION ASSESSMENT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY If you own or maintain a building, you know that tools, equipment, and other assets breaking down and becoming inoperable is a major headache. If you’re getting geared up for a big week of production and one of your pieces of equipment goes down, you might miss out on

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Developing Your Building Maintenance Budget

Posted by Josh on April 13, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Commercial Roofing

WHICH CATEGORIES SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN YOUR BUILDING MAINTENANCE BUDGET? Writing a building maintenance budget is not an easy task. What items will come up? How should you plan for that? What categories should you include? Well, we can’t tell you exactly what your building maintenance budget should look like, but we can help you

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Perform an AC Tune-Up

Posted by Josh on April 06, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips

AN AC TUNE-UP WILL SAVE TIME IN THE SUMMER After an entire winter of laying completely dormant, too many building owners turn on their AC on the first hot day of summer without a tune-up. Many times this will work without a problem, but many other times the AC needed some repairs, cleaning, or new

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Do Your Floors Need a Deep Clean?

Posted by Josh on March 30, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Maintenance

WINTER CAN BE HARSH ON YOUR FLOORS If you’ve ever walked inside after walking through snow, you know that you track some damaging stuff into your building. Even if you have rugs to clean your shoes, you track snow, salt, and dirt into your building during winter. The salt can stain your floors and eat

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Spring Walkthrough Focus Items

Posted by Josh on March 23, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Commercial Roofing, Maintenance

IS IT TIME FOR THE SPRING WALKTHROUGH IN YOUR BUILDING? The harsh winter months can really wear down your building. Additional weight of snow on your roof; salt and snow being tracked into your building; warm days and freezing nights; there are many forces throughout winter that can seriously damage your building. Because winter is

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Summer Building Maintenance Tips

Posted by Josh on March 16, 2017  /   Posted in Commercial Roofing, Maintenance

PREPPING YOUR BUILDING FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS The seasons with the most extreme weather – summer and winter – are the hardest on your building and your roof. These seasons often require extra attention to ensure that your building operates at peak performance. In this series of posts, we’ve got some summer building maintenance tips

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Roofing With Asbestos – Spray Foam

Posted by Josh on March 02, 2017  /   Posted in Commercial Roofing, Installation

DON’T EXPOSE YOUR OCCUPANTS TO ASBESTOS Years ago, when we weren’t aware of the harmful effects of asbestos, it was used in many building materials due to its durability and resistance to fire. Asbestos fibers were sought out for use in many commercial and industrial applications, and they provided great benefits to the building owners.

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