Everyone In Your Building Deserves to Feel Safe

Posted by Josh on August 17, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Safety

IT’S NOT JUST YOUR EMPLOYEES WHO SHOULD BE SAFE When thinking about ensuring safety in our buildings, it can become easy to think only about our employees, or only about our customers, but there are many more stakeholders in building safety than just these two groups. Vendors who come into your building to talk pricing.

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Keeping Your Building Occupants Safe

Posted by Josh on August 10, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Safety

SAFETY INSIDE YOUR BUILDING IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY If you own or operate a building, you know that safety is the first priority. If safety isn’t your first priority, it should be. Profits, energy efficiency, and appearance are all important aspects of building operations, but safety trumps all others. You have to keep your building

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Physical Barriers to Ensure Roof Safety

Posted by Josh on July 13, 2017  /   Posted in Commercial Roofing, Safety

CONSIDER INSTALLING THESE BARRIERS TO ENSURE ROOF SAFETY When you talk about keeping everyone safe on your roof, there are preparation steps you need to take and physical barriers you can install. Both are preemptive, but they are different types of preemptive. Knowing your roof layout as a facility manager only protects you and people

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Know Your Roof Plan

Posted by Josh on July 06, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Commercial Roofing

UNDERSTAND YOUR ROOF BEFORE YOU GET ON IT As we talk about roof management and ensuring everyone who gets on your roof is safe, we can’t ignore the importance that you know your roof plan before you ever get on it. Having a complete understanding of the layout of your roof is one benefit of

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Remaining Safe on Your Roof

Posted by Josh on June 29, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Safety

ENSURING EVERYONE ON YOUR ROOF IS SAFE While we are always quick to recommend that you avoid walking on your roof as much as possible, there are many times where you simply have to get on your roof. If you find yourself in a situation where you must get on the roof, it’s extremely important

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Preventing Energy Loss in Your Building

Posted by Josh on June 15, 2017  /   Posted in Eco-Friendly, Insulation

SAVE MONEY BY PREVENTING ENERGY LOSS A major problem that occurs in nearly every building, yet is easy to ignore, is that of energy loss. It’s easy to ignore or forget about because you can’t see it. It’s hard to visualize heat leaving your building, or cold air leaving in the winter. You paid money to run

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Overcoming Wind Uplift

Posted by Josh on June 08, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Wind Uplift

A COMMON ROOFING PROBLEM IS WIND UPLIFT One of the most common roofing issues that building owners face today is wind uplift. This occurs when a strong wind blows across the top of your roof, and lifts up all or part of the roof with it as it blows. This is a very obvious problem.

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