Minor Repairs Extend Roof Longevity

Posted by Josh on November 30, 2017  /   Posted in Commercial Roofing, Long Life

MAKING SMALL, SEEMINGLY INSIGNIFICANT, MINOR REPAIRS WILL IMPROVE ROOF LONGEVITY Any building owner or facility manager can tell you that as a general rule, roofs have problems. The roof on your building is the first line of defense against the elements. It is always outside, always exposed to sun, wind, rain, sleet, hail, and snow.

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Extending Roof Life Through Maintenance

Posted by Josh on October 19, 2017  /   Posted in Roof Maintenance

ROOF MAINTENANCE TO MAXIMIZE ROOF LIFE A roof is a very expensive part of your building, often the most expensive component. So why do so many people install a new roof and then ignore it for 18 years, then wonder what went wrong? A roof is a major investment that ties up a lot of

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Spray Foam in New Construction

Posted by Josh on October 05, 2017  /   Posted in Spray Foam

CAN YOU USE SPRAY FOAM IN NEW CONSTRUCTION? While it is more often viewed as and used as a retrofit product, spray foam is a great product in new construction as well. Spray foam is often times the best option for new construction and was the product we used when we expanded our headquarters. There

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Utilizing Surveillance to Provide Safety

Posted by Josh on September 21, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Safety

BUILDING SURVEILLANCE PROVIDES SAFETY AND SECURITY TO OCCUPANTS A major threat to safety in your building is crime from outsiders. While it is rare, crime can be traumatic and very dangerous when it does occur. Working to minimize the dangers of crime isn’t based on the likelihood of it occurring, but on the potential dangers

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Do You Need On-Site Security?

Posted by Josh on August 24, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips

ENSURING SAFETY WITH ON-SITE SECURITY If your business is a high-traffic location, you might want to consider implementing on-site security measures to keep everyone safe. When lots of people gather in a single location, and when money is involved, tensions can occasionally spike and lead to altercations. No one wants to be involved in these

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Everyone In Your Building Deserves to Feel Safe

Posted by Josh on August 17, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Safety

IT’S NOT JUST YOUR EMPLOYEES WHO SHOULD BE SAFE When thinking about ensuring safety in our buildings, it can become easy to think only about our employees, or only about our customers, but there are many more stakeholders in building safety than just these two groups. Vendors who come into your building to talk pricing.

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Keeping Your Building Occupants Safe

Posted by Josh on August 10, 2017  /   Posted in Building Tips, Safety

SAFETY INSIDE YOUR BUILDING IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY If you own or operate a building, you know that safety is the first priority. If safety isn’t your first priority, it should be. Profits, energy efficiency, and appearance are all important aspects of building operations, but safety trumps all others. You have to keep your building

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