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Why Restoration Coating?


Many people think that once their roof is old and worn out, they simply have to tear it off and replace it with a completely new roof. This is true in some situations, but in others you can replace your roof without tearing it off, which saves you time and money. One way to avoid the need to tear your roof off is by installing a spray foam roof on your building. This is basically putting in another roof over top of your existing roof. Another great way to replace your roof without tearing it off is to install a restoration coating, most commonly a silicone coating. We call this roof renewal or roof restoration, and it can save you a significant amount of money and time by avoiding tear off completely.

Installing a Restoration Coating

Restoration coatings are installed in a similar fashion to spray foam, which is to say that both materials can be spray-applied and are installed directly on the surface of the existing roof. However, that is about the end of the similarities. Restoration coatings, depending on the material you choose (such as acrylic or silicone), can usually be applied directly to the roof surface, many times without a primer. Once the surface is prepped, the coating is spray-applied directly to the roof surface and will cure on top of the roof within hours of application.

Benefits of a Restoration Coating

Once a restoration coating is installed, you will receive many benefits from your new coating. A huge benefit of the system is that it is seamless. Once applied, the coating can bond to the roof surface and to itself. This forms a complete membrane on the roof that water can only penetrate if the system is installed incorrectly. The adhesion and cohesion properties of spray applied coatings allow it to bond to the roof even around difficult and awkward protrusions. You will now have a seam-free surface that is much less likely to leak than most roofs with seams and fasteners.

Another significant benefit to a restoration coating is that your new roof surface will be highly reflective, meaning you save money on your energy bill as your building doesn’t get as hot. Once they have cured, most coatings reflect 88% of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere and help to keep both the roof surface and the building interior cool.Restoration coating UV protection

Another advantage to consider is ease of repair. Should a crack or leak develop in the coating, it can typically be sealed with caulk and repaired in about 15 minutes once located. Bi-annual inspections can help you keep track of areas that are damaged or appear to be at risk. Once you identify the problem, it can be fixed and the roof is once again water tight.


If you’re looking for a new roof but don’t want to tear off your existing one, a restoration coating may be just what you need. It is quickly installed without disrupting your building, and provides amazing performance benefits. You also receive a new warranty with your roof when you install a restoration coating, so you get a new roof without tearing off the old one, and sleep soundly as your roof is covered under warranty. These coatings serve to extend the life of your building and improve its performance, without costing you a fortune on a reroof. In almost every case, a restoration coating will actually outperform the roof that was in place before it was installed. We’d love to talk with you if you have any questions Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about installing a restoration coating on your building.

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