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This is How Commercial Roof Repair Can Save Your Building

If you’re a facility owner or property manager then you’re probably familiar with the sense of dread that comes with knowing your building needs commercial roof repairs. They are often costly and the cheaper options are only temporary fixes. Lucky for you, there’s another solution: commercial roof repair.

Commercial roofing contractors can repair your leaky roof and give you a better, longer-lasting solution to ease your roof-related stress.

No Leaks, No Patch Jobs by Choosing Commercial Roof Repair

If you’ve been repeatedly patching the same roof leak year after year, it’s time to stop and ask yourself: How much time and money have you spent on those patch jobs? 

Too much, right?! The costs and the stress add up quickly and it’s just a matter of time before the entire roof will need to be replaced – which means even more downtime and financial burden for your business.

Compared to patch roof repair jobs, commercial roof repair saves you money and stress in the long run. A good roofing contractor can determine if your roof is salvageable in its current condition and recommend the best roof repair solution for long-term value.

Often, spray foam roofing is a viable, more effective alternative to simply patching leaky roofs. 

With long-lasting spray polyurethane foam (SPF), you will experience fewer leaks and repairs over the life of your roof. A spray foam roof can last for decades with proper maintenance. That’s years without those pesky leaks.

There aren’t many things that can damage spray foam, so an SPF roof doesn’t require a lot of ongoing repair to keep it in good working order outside of occasional maintenance. Even when needed, repairs to an SPF roof are usually a matter of quick and easy fixes that will stand the test of time.

No other roof system can resist wind uplift like spray foam, no other system can resist ponding water like spray foam, and no other system can insulate your building like spray foam.

Less Tear-off and Downtime with Spray Foam Roofing

Fewer leaks on your roof is a pretty great advantage to choosing commercial roof repair that offers spray foam roofing, but that’s not the only way a commercial roofer can save your building. 

Roofing contractors or general contractors that have less experience or use lower-quality materials can probably repair your roof just fine, but you run the risk of tear-off and downtime. 

In your business, you can’t sacrifice a few days of work due to a big hole in the ceiling. An experienced commercial roofing contractor who installs a spray foam roof can make repairs with less tear-off. This is because spray foam, in many cases, is applied right on top of your existing roof – which also means less downtime! This process is faster, more efficient, and gives you a better quality roof every time.

Cut Down on Roof Repair Costs and Building Expenses

The upfront bill of commercial roofers and spray foam roofing may seem high, but a professional roof repair completed using sturdy materials like polyurethane foam will pay for itself in a matter of years. Without the need for regular patches on your leaky roof, you’ll save time and money on constant repairs.

Plus, spray foam offers better insulation properties than any other roofing system on the market and will even save you money on your electric bill. A spray foam roof is specially designed to protect your building from the elements, as well as keep your facility cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

With commercial flat roof repair and spray foam, you’ll benefit from the lower recurring roofing costs and a lower electric bill.

Trusted Commercial Roofing

One of the biggest advantages of commercial roofing companies is that they specialize in commercial roofs. Now, that may sound like an obvious statement to you, but the truth of the matter is that not all roofing companies are prepared for the big jobs that come with commercial properties. 

After you vet different roofing contractors, you’ll notice that some serve clients nationwide. Not only does this indicate that they are among the best contractors in the county, but this means they can also handle any job, no matter the size. 

If you have multiple buildings, anywhere from a half dozen to a few hundred, the best commercial roofing companies can handle every roof repair on every roof.

If you’re looking to salvage your existing roof with commercial roof repair, IRC is here to help. When you need the best, we offer the best. We can repair your roof with our superior techniques and materials. You’ll experience fewer leaks and more savings. Whether you have one building or one thousand, IRC has you covered.

To learn more about what IRC can offer you for your next commercial roofing project, request a quote.

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