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Spray Foam’s Superior Performance


Spray foam roofs have been around for quite some time now, though they are still newer than many other systems. How does a relative newcomer to the market break in and get some recognition? Either through superior performance or low prices. Spray foam roofs are affordable, but they are certainly not the cheapest roofing system out there. So, they have broken into the market by providing building owners with superior performance. They aren’t the cheapest, but they provide benefits and perform in ways that no other roofing system can match. Let’s have a look at the superior performance attributes of spray foam roofs.

foam superior performance
A spray foam roof doesn’t have to be torn out before it can be renewed.

Superior Performance in Energy Savings

Spray foam roofs provide the best energy savings of any roofing system on the market. Once you install a spray foam roof, it immediately starts to recoup the costs from the investment and pay itself off. Spray foam provides significant energy savings in two different ways: 1. It offers the highest R-value (insulation properties) of any roofing system on the planet. No other roof can insulate like spray foam can. And 2. spray foam is coated with a protective coating that reflects UV rays back into the atmosphere, cooling down your building and reducing the amount of energy it takes to regulate the temperature in your building. Both of these superior performance features of spray foam help you save money through decreased energy usage.

Resisting Wind Uplift

Spray foam roofs also provide wind uplift resistance greater than any other roofing system and their superior performance in this category makes them a great option for buildings in high-wind areas. The roof is fully adhered, which means there are no weak spots for the wind to “grab on” to the roof and blow it off. This provides great peace of mind for you as a building owner which is a hard benefit to place a dollar value on, but is a major benefit nonetheless.


Spray foam offers superior performance over other roofing systems in many different ways, above are just a few of them. If you’d like to learn more about how spray foam can save you money and improve the performance of your roof, contact us today.

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