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Roof Repairs

When your commercial roof starts to leak, it’s essential to bring in a roof repair contractor with both roofing expertise and the capabilities to find and fix the leak fast.

A roof leak can wreak havoc inside your building, especially if it isn’t quickly fixed and is allowed to “snowball.” Fixing your roof leaks will keep your operations, and your employees, up and running.


  • The ability to detect and diagnose the source of a roof leak,
  • The knowledge of how to fix various types of roof leaks (because not every roof leak is the same),
  • The capacity to fix leaks: which includes having large enough crews and proper equipment.

Thanks to our 40+ years in the roofing industry, we have developed expertise in working with and repairing many different roofing systems. We have also built up our Repairs Division with regards to our crews and our equipment, allowing us to repair many different roof types all across the country.

When our crew comes out to your organization to make repairs, we start with a thorough investigation of the area surrounding the leak to consider all possible causes.

Once we identify the exact cause of the leak, only then do we go to work on fixing the leak and getting your building dry.

Contact us today if you have a roof leak that you need repaired, or if you’d like to learn about our preventative maintenance program that can keep your roof from developing leaks in the future.

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