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Know Your Current Roofing System


When you are considering various roofing materials for your new roofing system, it’s important to remember that your current roofing system will have an impact on which materials you can use as you upgrade. There are a few things to keep in mind regarding your current roofing system when analyzing a potential new roofing system.

Is Tearoff Required?

If cost is a major factor in your new roof decision, and it usually is, then it’s very important that you know what your tearoff requirements will be. This can add time and money to your project that you didn’t expect if you have to tearoff much of the existing roof. If cost is a major issue and tearoff is expected, you might want to consider a system that eliminates tearoff, such as spray foam or a restoration coating.

current roofing system
A roof coating can’t help a roof that simply needs to be replaced.

Current Roof Condition?

Does your roof truly need to be replaced? Or does it simply need repairs or possibly a restoration coating to get it up and running again? If your roof is in good structural condition and just has some minor issues, it may be a situation where you don’t even need to consider a new roofing material because you don’t need to replace the roof at all. Sometimes, a few repairs or a restoration coating can get your roof back into good shape while saving you serious money.

A caution regarding this: don’t repair your roof when it needs to be replaced just to save money. If your roof needs to be replaced, replace it!

Coating Compatibility

Finally, if you already have a coating on your roof and are considering installing a new coating, make sure your existing roof coating and the one you’re considering are compatible. Sometimes two systems won’t adhere to each other or don’t perform well when used together, which can greatly limit your options of future coatings.


Don’t just look at your new roofing system without first considering your existing roofing system. Make sure you know what you truly need and how your potential roofing system will interact with your existing system to help yourself make the best choice for your roof.

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