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Installing a Spray Foam Roof


Most conventional roofing systems are labor intensive, with a cheap cost of materials. Their materials are manufactured in mass quantities in a factory, which keeps the material cost extremely low. However, because these systems aren’t custom made, the labor to install them can become pretty extensive. This means that when you install a conventional system, the majority of what you’re paying for is the labor to install the system, rather than the quality of the materials themselves. When you install a metal roof, for instance, about half of what you’re paying for is going to walk off the roof and leave the property when the job is finished – the labor! Now of course, you don’t want to pay nothing for labor, that’s how you get a poorly installed system. But what if there was a roof system that could be efficiently installed, minimizing labor cost and maximizing your investment in quality materials? Well, as you’ve probably guess, such a roof system does exist, and it’s what we specialize in.

spray foam roof
Spray foam roofs provide great results thanks to their flexible installation methods.

Pay for Quality Materials, Not Installation

We’re not afraid to admit it, installing a spray foam roof can often be more expensive than other roofing materials. It’s an amazing roofing system with amazing performance. People who have never heard of spray foam can’t believe all the benefits it provides when they first hear them, and roof systems that perform as well as foam don’t come cheap, they come at a premium. They should, because they are a premium product. When you pay for a spray foam roof, though, you are paying for the quality of the material. The installation process is extremely fast and requires only a small crew, so you pay less for installation. The quality of the product and performance of the roof are what you are paying for, which is a much better investment than in labor that walks off the roof when the job is finished.

“Easy Roof Installation”

Installing a spray foam roof isn’t an easy process, but it is easier than most other roofing systems. It is a quickly installed system that requires a small crew, which means labor costs stay down. It doesn’t require as much time as other roofing systems, so you also spend less time in a construction phase on your building. By paying mostly for the performance of the roof they’re buying, and not the labor, building owners can capitalize on the cost savings provided by spray foam over its life. Labor doesn’t pay off in the long run, but an energy efficient roof that reduces your electric expense can pay off.


It’s sort of a misnomer that spray foam is easy to install. It takes hundreds of hours of training and practice before someone can install a good spray foam roof. What it is, however, is an efficiently installed roof system that provides cost savings over its life.

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