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How to Choose Your Roofing Materials


Each and every set of roofing materials available offer different benefits for your building. Some perform well in hot environments, some are better at shedding snow than others. Each system has advantages and disadvantages that make it unique when compare to other roofing materials. So, how can you decide between all the different roofing materials available? Well, there are a few things you want to look at to determine which roofing material will best suit your needs.

Know Your Current Roofing System

Is your current roofing system in good shape? Is it a material that is compatible with most roofing materials? Does it require extensive tear-off before replacement, and therefore encourage you to use spray foam or a restoration coating to avoid tear-off? There are many different factors to know about your current roofing system that can impact your options for replacement roofing materials.

Cost of Potential Roofing Materials

All roofing materials have different costs associated with them. You need to consider both up front cost and life cycle cost of all roofing materials you’re considering for your building. Keep both costs in mind because some materials (such as spray foam) can be more expensive up front, but have a lower life cycle cost than any other roof system available.

Choosing your roofing materials
Don’t go through this if you’re planning on leaving the building in 2 years.

Expected Building Life

Do you expect the building to last much longer? Don’t put a roofing material rated for 50 years on a building that you expect to fall apart in 20 years, or a building that isn’t worth much money. A roof doesn’t add too much value to a building that’s falling apart, so don’t waste your money.

Your Time in The Building

Are you planning on occupying the building for much longer? Even if the building is in good shape, if you plan on leaving in 5-10 years, are you sure you want to make a major financial commitment to the roof of which you won’t get to see the benefits?

Your Operation Inside the Building

Is the operation inside your building capable of being exposed to the elements, even if only for a few hours? If there is tear-off required on your roof, you may find that your building is exposed for a period of time during the tear-off. For most companies this isn’t a problem, but it may be for yours.


With so many roofing materials available, it’s important to analyze multiple systems to determine which is the best fit for your building. There are also other considerations that may matter to you in addition to what’s above. The key is to keep in mind what is important to you, and evaluate potential roofing materials against those factors.

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