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Don’t Endanger Yourself to Save Money

Working Safely on Your Roof Saves Money

Too many people take on DIY roofing projects without the capability of completing them safely. They want to save money, save a little time perhaps, or just don’t want to work with a contractor. For whatever the reason, they try to complete their roofing project on their own, and the project ends with them either getting injured or the problem still occurs, neither of which is worth your time and didn’t save you money. How can you make sure you are working safely on your roof and make sure you don’t take on a project you can’t handle? Check these guidelines.

working safely saves money
Roofing projects can get pretty complex, and if you don’t have the equipment and knowledge you could be unsafe.

Do You Have the Proper Equipment?

To safely work on your roof, you need to have the proper and well-maintained equipment. A good ladder, a tool belt or bag to keep your hands free, a hard hat if there’s anything above you, and a clean pair of safety glasses. You need quality tools that work properly. If you don’t have the right equipment, a simple DIY project on your roof can cost you more than just money. Roofing projects can get pretty complex, and if you don’t have the equipment and knowledge you could be unsafe.

Do You Have the Knowledge?

Many lapses in safety during roofing projects aren’t the result of laziness or neglect, but of ignorance. If you don’t realize that something is dangerous, then you will do it and may injure yourself. Do you know how to properly set up your ladder? Do you know how to properly use the tools required for your project? Do you know how to drive a forklift or Sky Trak? Without the right knowledge, you can put yourself in danger and never know you did it.

Do You Have the Time?

Working safely takes longer than working dangerously. Setting up perimeter guards on a roof takes time. It’s faster to not set up safety equipment, not inspect tools and ladders, and not take time putting on extra safety gear. You may think cutting these corners will save money, but it could end up costing more if you are unable to work because of an unsafe working environment. If you don’t have the time to do a job safely, then you don’t have time to do the job. Avoid any dangerous project which you know you won’t have time to properly and safely complete.


DIY projects can save money, and may even get your project finished faster, but they can be dangerous. If you don’t have the right equipment, don’t know what you’re doing, or are in a hurry, then your project may end badly. Avoid injuring yourself or others and only undertake DIY projects that you know you can complete safely. Calling a contractor could end up save you money, time and more importantly, prevent injury or worse.

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