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Can Your Building Be Exposed to the Elements?


When an existing roof is torn off to prepare for a new roof installation, sometimes the roof is torn off all the way to the deck, and even passed it, which can expose the interior of your building to the elements. Now obviously, extreme care is taken whenever the inside of your building is exposed to the elements, but occasionally, mistakes are made and a storm sneaks up on the workers. Tarps are laid down and the workers are scrambling to cover everything, but you may not always stay dry. Is that a risk you can take?

Inventory, Customers, Operations

exposed to the elements
Tearing off your roof is often a requirement, but it can expose your building to the elements which can be detrimental.

If you’re a company with highly valuable inventory that cannot get wet, this may be a risk that you simply cannot afford to take. If you got water in your building it could cost you thousands of dollars in damaged and wasted inventory. Most likely, nothing will happen to your inventory, but is it a risk you can take? This is something that you must consider as you choose your roofing materials.

Do you run a place of business that is driven by on-location customer interaction? The last thing you want is for customers to be inside your building while workers are tearing your roof off. This can leave a very bad taste in your customer’s mouths regarding your business, especially if they get rained on.

Finally, do you have sensitive operations that cannot be exposed to the elements? Do you have electrical equipment that could be damaged, tools that could rust, or maybe even environmentally controlled materials, in the case of a research lab or something similar? If you can’t afford to have your materials potentially damaged by rain, dust, or changes in atmosphere, then you might want to choose a roofing material that will prevent the inside of your building from being exposed to the elements.


These examples may seem outlandish or extreme, but trust that they actually exist and that they are real concerns for some of our customers. Make sure you consider the risks of tear-off and having your building exposed to the elements when you consider potential roofing materials.

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