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Advantages of Spray Foam Roofing

Just about everyone in the roofing industry knows that spray foam roofing offers advantages and benefits that no other roofing system can compete with. Initially, spray foam was used in a softer form in upholstery work, the material soon proved itself to be adaptable to construction projects from roofing to wall insulation. This time-tested development of the product is actually one of the benefits of SPF roofs.

Sure, there are always detractors of any system, but spray foam has fewer detractors and more advocates than most other systems available.

So why has spray foam developed this great reputation and public opinion? Because spray foam advantages outweigh its disadvantages and also outweigh the advantages of all of the roofing systems on the market today. Let’s look at some spray foam advantages you can count on if you install this roof on your building.

The Main Advantages of Spray Foam Roofing

Versatility is Key

Spray Foam

One of the biggest spray foam advantages is that it can be installed in almost any situation over almost any roof at almost any time. Thanks to spray foam’s properties that allow it to be spray applied, as long as you can get your equipment on or near the roof you can install a spray foam roof.


Spray foam offers better insulation properties than any other roofing system on the market. If you install spray foam roof on your building, you can expect immediate financial returns. These returns come in the form of reduced energy bills and a more comfortable work environment. Spray foam not only offers great protection from the elements for your building, but it also keeps your building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

High Performance

Once it is installed, the magnitude of spray foam advantages or seen once again through with superior performance. No other roof system can resist wind uplift like spray foam can, no other system can resist ponding water like spray foam can, and as we said before, no other system can insulate your building like spray foam can.

A Long-Lasting Life Cycle

Spray Foam Roof Advantages

Spray foam also offers a significant advantage when considering its lifecycle. Want to spray foam roof is installed and be expected to last 15 to 20 years with only routine maintenance required. After that initial lifespan, the protective coating on top of the foam will probably have worn thin and will need to be replaced. A simple recoating of this protective layer will renew the foam’s Life for another 15 to 20 years. This allows your foam roof to last longer than any other roof system on the market.


Installation Process

The installation process is actually a very simple one once you have obtained the skills and experience required to install it. However, learning how to install the spray foam roof properly can be a long and difficult process. Once you have mastered the techniques, a spray foam roof can be installed in a variety of situations relatively easy. Because spray foam is self-adhering, it can be applied directly to most existing substrates. This eliminates the cost of tear-off and reduces the amount of waste going into the landfill, all while limiting interior exposure and downtime.

Roof Repairs

Spray foam doesn’t require a lot of repairs to keep the roof in good working order. There simply are not very many things that damage the spray foam, so it lasts a long time without repairs. However, repairs are still occasionally needed, and when they are extremely easy to make. Generally, all that is required is a razor knife, a rag, and a tube of caulk. With those three things, you can get your roof back in working order.

There are numerous spray foam advantages that you can experience if you install a spray foam roof on your building. While the cost per square foot is sometimes higher, the energy savings, reduced maintenance, reduced tear-out, and superior protection from the elements usually make SPF the most economical roofing system choice. They believe the advantages far outweigh the higher cost and are worth the investment. Contact us today if you would like to know more about the spray foam roof on your building.

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